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Chinese Mandarin

Hello, my name is Xiaowei Zhou. I come from Shanghai, China and moved to The Hague in 2009 with my two children. I started to give Chinese lessons in 1989 when we lived in Eindhoven. I have given both group and private lessons in my free time besides my studies of Master of Architecture at the TU Eindhoven until 1993. Between 2000 and 2008 I moved back to China with my family. After we came to The Hague I started to give Chinese lesson again in the weekend at the Chinese school in The Hague. I am very happy to give Chinese lessons at ISH since October 2010.  Currently we have 2 groups: one advanced group with 3 students and one beginners group with 5 students. I enjoy very much the time with those smart students. Although Chinese is not an easy language to learn they are always very enthusiastic and make great effort and progress. I am proud of them! Of course we also have  a lot of fun together.

The schedule and location
Beginners group: Every Tuesday from 15:30 to 16:40
Advanced group: Every Tuesday from 14:15 50 15:15, Every Thursday/Friday afternoon from 16:45 to 17:30
Language B group: Every student gets 2 periods per week, the time depends on their school timetable.
Location: A018

For all groups we are learning the simplified Chinese system (another system is traditionally Chinese, the difference is the way of writing of the characters).

For the beginners group and language B group we use the book "Learn Chinese with me" which starts from the introduction of the Pinyin - (Mandarin pronunciation system which  is the official system to transcribe Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet to teach Mandarin Chinese)  and learn  the reading and writing of the Chinese characters .

For the advanced group we use the Chinese textbook which is used in many Chinese local schools in China. Our goal is to meet the requirements of the MYP by the end of year 11, after which it is possible to take Chinese as a language A or B in the IBDP.

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