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Every child is different and has the potential to achieve personal excellence. Here are just some of the ways that we can help your child find theirs at ISH. 

For anyone who missed our Year 6 to Year 7 Open Day we’ve recorded a fun video tour for students here and produced a presentation for parents.

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"A safe, friendly, healthy environment" - find out why the Council of International Schools (CIS) commends our Early Years Team so highly.



The ISH student-led approach to learning empowers your child to make connections between their own experiences and what they learn in the classroom.



Co-constructing the curriculum to suit your child's unique collection of interests, talents and ambitions.


Supporting students to develop all of their languages, creating a strong language foundation for life.

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ISH Voices

  • Alumna

Sasha Haines


At ISH, students are encouraged to design a program based on their interests.  If you are passionate about engineering, you can join the Silverback Engineering Team who strive to build a fuel-efficient car or if you love football as I do, you can join the football team and compete against other schools. The school caters to everyone, so there is always something that you can do.

  • Teacher

Oliver Quinton 


Coming to ISH re-ignited my passion for teaching and education. Staff and students are empowered to innovate in order to promote learning and have a positive impact on the community. For me the opportunity to create a self-directed learning programme - Pathfinder - has been so exciting. Even more importantly, ISH is a place where I feel completely comfortable being myself: it’s a second home! 

  • Support Staff

Mariela Cock

Secondary Office Manager

Since 2004, the International School of The Hague has become my extended family here in Holland. As a Secondary Office Manager, I work with a team that is the hub of the school. It is the place where work is done silently in the background to make things happen, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

  • Alumnus

Brice Badibanga


In life, all good things must come to an end, including my time here at ISH. My 14-year journey went by so quickly, and I can say without a doubt that I enjoyed each and every minute of it. Studying with people from all over the world is not an opportunity that everyone gets, and I feel very lucky to have experienced that at ISH. I feel prepared to take on the world, thanks to the support that I recieved from my teachers.

  • Student

Bruno Wolf Pinto


Creating life-long friendships is at the core of ISH. When I first came to the school in Year 6, I was able to find my group of friends within the first day of school. The students and staff are open to have a conversation with you, thus creating a positive atmosphere.

  • Alumnus

Krister Palo


Learning can take on various forms, but at ISH, we are encouraged to learn through application. Delivering a TED Talk to a big audience rekindled my passion for public speaking, and it would not have been possible without the support of my teachers and peers.

  • Student

Finn Griffiths



Developing well-rounded students is one of the main focuses here at ISH. In addition to its strong academic curricular, the school invests in several student-led projects. Our Global Issues Network Team has grown tremendously from 15 students to 200 students, thanks to the support we received from the school!

  • Parent

Sadie Mauries


At ISH, we ensure that everyone feels included. As a parent of trilingual children, I love that the school gives students a platform to practice their respective languages. Coming to a new school with no knowledge of English can be disheartening, but at ISH, we use the most up-to-date methods to make sure that you feel included regardless of your English level. 

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