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Every child is different and has the potential to achieve personal excellence. Here are just some of the ways that we can help your child find theirs at ISH. 

Mayor Jan van Zanen meets Primary Principal Rubin Borges and pupils at ISH on Thursday 29 February 2024

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"A safe, friendly, healthy environment" - find out why the Council of International Schools (CIS) commends our Early Years Team so highly.



Hear from our students and get a flavour of what life is like at The International School of The Hague

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An established IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), Careers Programme (CP) and Diploma Programme.

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Supporting students to develop all of their languages, creating a strong language foundation for life.

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ISH Voices

Mihaela - EY Parent



What most I loved about Early Years was the approach the school has toward early childhood education, learning through play and the wonderful materials that they have.
I liked the way the school combined different types of education methods like Montessori and Reggio Emilia. Children are curious and keen to learn, think, imagine, and develop ideas and fantasies. They make connections between their ideas, form theories and make proposals.
They shape their own development. But, however great their capacities are and how significant their ideas and proposals, they need adults who will engage themselves in the world of young children, who will look and listen, teachers who connect with the children, providing them with the support, space, materials and situation they need. And when seeing the Early Years team I just got the feeling they are all of the above.

  • CIS Evaluation team
CIS Evaluation Team 5

CIS Evaluation Team

Council of International School Accreditation Report 2020

The EAL department has created a whole school, innovative research-based language acquisition programme to enhance student learning and wellbeing.

  • CIS Evaluation team
CIS Evaluation Team 4

CIS Evaluation Team

Council of International School Accreditation Report 2020

The Early Years Team has developed a challenging curriculum that, combined with the free-flow classrooms, supports every child's academic, social, physical and emotional needs and fosters their individual skills, attributes and abilities. 

  • CIS Evaluation team
CIS Evaluation Team 3

CIS Evaluation Team

Council of International schools Accreditation Report 2020

The Early Years teachers provide a student-centred free-flow environment that incorporates a range of teaching and learning strategies to engage all children in their learning.

  • CIS Evaluation team
CIS Evaluation Team 2

CIS Evaluation Team

Council of International Schools Accreditation Report 2020

ISH Primary has successfully implemented an innovative programme informed by contemporary research and multiple pedagogical approaches that provide their students with a rich developmentally appropriate learning environment. 

  • CIS Evaluation team
Council of International Schools Evaluation Team

CIS Evaluation Team

CIS Accreditation Report 2020

The primary school community provides a diverse range of authentic opportunities both in and out of the classroom to engage children and make learning fun. 

  • Alumna
Sasha Haines (Alumna)

Sasha Haines


At ISH, students are encouraged to design a program based on their interests.  If you are passionate about engineering, you can join the Silverback Engineering Team who strive to build a fuel-efficient car or if you love football as I do, you can join the football team and compete against other schools. The school caters to everyone, so there is always something that you can do.

  • Support Staff
Mariela Cock (Secondary Office Manager)

Mariela Cock

Secondary Office Manager

Since 2004, the International School of The Hague has become my extended family here in Holland. As a Secondary Office Manager, I work with a team that is the hub of the school. It is the place where work is done silently in the background to make things happen, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

  • Alumnus
Brice Badibanga (Alumnus)

Brice Badibanga


In life, all good things must come to an end, including my time here at ISH. My 14-year journey went by so quickly, and I can say without a doubt that I enjoyed each and every minute of it. Studying with people from all over the world is not an opportunity that everyone gets, and I feel very lucky to have experienced that at ISH. I feel prepared to take on the world, thanks to the support that I recieved from my teachers.

  • Alumnus
Bruno Wolf Pinto (Alumnus)

Bruno Wolf Pinto


Creating life-long friendships is at the core of ISH. When I first came to the school in Year 6, I was able to find my group of friends within the first day of school. The students and staff are open to have a conversation with you, thus creating a positive atmosphere.

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Mayoral Visit
  • School News

The Hague, Thursday 29 February 2024 - In a very special visit, The International School of The Hague (ISH) Primary Principal - Rubin Borges - and members of the leadership team, were delighted to welcome Mayor of The Hague - Jan van Zanen - to our school.

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