A celebration of Sustainability and Craftsmanship at ISH
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Joy Davis

This shed was finished and placed in our Primary Early Years Playground this week. It is a celebration of collaboration, craftsmanship and sustainability at ISH.

This is the first of what we hope will be many projects completed as a collaboration between the Building Team and the Concierges. They will all be marked as Internal Project (IP). One of the great things about this new collaboration is reducing the amount of waste the school produces - this fantastic shed was made using reclaimed wood from old Design tables, that were going to be thrown away.

It also means that we use the excellent craftsmanship we already have on-site, rather than using school funds for a mass-produced product of lower quality. Our concierges are highly skilled and can make things bespoke for ISH and our needs. 

The team are on the lookout for new projects to get involved in. This time it was a nice shed for storage, next time knows? 




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