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Ms Tabak

Last weekend the Adventurous Journey for the Silver Award finally took place.

The students involved really had to push themselves to get to this point: even though there were lockdowns and other restrictions, they still were doing SPORTS, learning new SKILLS and doing SERVICE outside the ISH community. They did this for several months and had many training sessions about route planning & orientation, camp craft & hiking and first aid. Quite an achievement already!

So they were ready and willing! In the hilly area of Zuid-Limburg (The Netherlands), 26 students were hiking for three days, 15 km on average per day, with all their equipment in a rucksack. They cooked their own meals and pitched their tents in the greenest campsites we could find.

These students did a marvellous job! We hope they all will look back in pride because they showed teamwork and resilience.



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