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ISH Middle School Competition Team

What is the missing number represented by the car in the parking lot? 

Questions of this type form part of the International Schools Mathematics Competition.  ISH recently participated in the Middle School version of the competition and had a total of 7 students from year 7 and year 8 testing their mathematical skills against 300 students from 20 international schools scattered across Europe. 

The current travel restrictions meant that the competition was held digitally with students logging in, reviewing questions and entering answers under strict time conditions.  Fortunately, the technology remained reliable and connected through the 3 ‘tense’ rounds of questions.  Our 7 participating students performed very well and had practised mathematical challenges in the months leading up to the competition to help with preparation. 

"I enjoyed participating in the competition. I learned new formulas and enjoyed learning and solving math with my friends. The experience was fun and exciting."

I was able to test myself by solving math problems as well as improving my communication and teamwork skills.

I learned some new skills. Some questions were more challenging than others, but equally fun to do. I hope there will be more opportunities next year!

Preparations for the 2022 competition begin in September 2021 with the hope that next year’s event will be face to face at a location in Europe.  If you are interested in applying for the event (applicable for students who are in year 7 and year 8 students starting from August 2021) then contact Mr Barlow in the maths department. 

And…if you have read this far into the article then you deserve a thank you and of course…. the answer to the puzzle.

Turn your device upside down and all will be revealed.

Easy puzzle when you know how!

ISH Middle School Competition Team



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