Early Years children learn about sleep
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Sarah Goodhand

Early Years One have been finding out about body systems during their IPC unit ‘Super Humans’. Recently they have been exploring the brain and its many functions, as well as thinking about how we should look after our brains. To help us with this, we had a visit from an expert; Ms Erin, one of the ISH Health Officers, came to talk to the children about the importance of sleep to help our brains work well. Ms Erin shared information about;

  • What sleep is for
  • The different types of sleep
  • Dreams
  • How much sleep we need
  • What to do if we have trouble falling to sleep

We found out that sleep helps our brains to remember things and rest helps to boost our immune system to keep fit and healthy. We also found out that when we are 5 and 6 years old we need between 9 and 12 hours sleep each night! To help us sleep at night we should try and have regular sleep and waking times, avoid screen time and sweet treats before bed and we should also try and do something relaxing, like listening to a story. 

The children also loved sharing what they already knew about brains and sleep with Ms Erin;

“Your brain gives you dreams” (Kayla)

“If you don’t have a brain you don’t know anything… you think 1 + 1 = 5!” (Xingye)

“We need to sleep because then in the morning we get ready for things that are kind of hard and if we don’t have sleep, we don’t have enough energy” (Arianne)

“When we sleep it helps our brains to work” (Emma)

“If you don’t sleep well, you have a bad day” (Enzo)

“Sleep is very important for us. If we don’t sleep, we won’t work!” (Nana)


Here is a small reminder about the importance of getting enough sleep right throughout  the Primary Years!

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