IBDP VA Final Exhibition 2022 Trailer
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Joy Davis


We are excited to share the trailer for the Y13 IBDP Final Visual Arts Exhibition. This exhibition marks the end of almost two years of the IBDP, during which the students have developed their skills in creative expression through their own visual language. The exhibition was entitled "The Complexities of 'Man'" and the students' works covers themes such as trauma, identity, divinity, relationship with nature, and memory. Our students have worked in all sorts of media, including digital, video, painting, ceramics, drawing, and sculpture.

This year's opening marked the first time since 2019 that we were able to invite parents, loved ones and teachers in-person to share in this special experience, and celebrate our students' accomplishments together! This is a trailer for the full-length version which will be released soon.  Thanks to the students of ISH TV for producing this. 

DP Visual Arts Team

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