International Award Bronze Journey 3 and 4 October
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Joy Davis

Dark clouds were gathering at the start of the first day of the International Award Bronze
journey, when the 26 students came together at the north end of the Amsterdam water
supply dunes. The first drops started to come down when the first of five groups departed
for their ~12km hike towards the nature camping ‘De Ruigenhoek’ situated at the south end
of this beautiful, diverse area full of fallow deer.

Nonetheless, the students were in high spirits, and stayed so throughout the weekend, seemingly unfazed about the soaking rain and generally miserable weather. The Saturday blessed us with a brief reprieve in the weather, allowing the students to gather round the campfire that was lit for them by the camping hosts to dry and warm themselves.

After a relatively quiet night, the Sunday started with an equally wet welcome but turned out to be a generally pleasant, albeit windy, day for hiking. With the wind in their backs, the students finished their journey in record times, all groups arriving before 3 PM at the point where their journey had started.

Tired, but satisfied, the students and the ISH staff support team returned home after a
memorable weekend, where the students showed they are truly resilient and altogether
amazing! Well done team Mints, Nug Nugs, Fireflies, MAD J, and The Croutons!


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