Tanja Engleberts workshop - a student's experience
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Emma Byrne

Check out this article about our most recent visiting artist, contributed by Mihir in Year 9...

“On Wednesday 11 November, I attended a Visual Arts workshop which was done by Ms Tanja Engleberts who is a professional artist and a photographer. 

I found this workshop very useful as I am interested in various creative art forms such as drawing, sketching and painting. During my free time, I love to paint and draw and I look forward to school projects that offer me a chance to apply my creativity.  I learnt a few useful points from this workshop- such as one should experiment & explore different mediums and not just one. We were also told to study the work of artists from different backgrounds & cultures. 

Ms Engleberts gave us feedback on our work samples.

During the workshop, she showed us her work in photography related to the theme seas, oceans and beaches. The photographs were unique and had an interesting perspective and mood. 

I also got to see the work of other students who attended the workshop, which was again insightful for me as I got to know how others are practising & pursuing art.

I would be happy to attend more such workshops in future.”


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