Year 13 visual arts DP studio day
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Emma Byrne

On Saturday the 14th of November the Diploma Programme Visual Arts students were invited to attend a studio day at ISH. This allowed students to work on their art works for a prolonged period without the restrictions of 45 or 90 minutes of class time. Many thanks to Mr Tolhurst, Mr Dan and Mr Miguel for their time.  Read further to see how the students Elena and Katriana reflected on their experiences:

“I really enjoyed the studio day and I am glad we had the opportunity to spend so much time on just making art. Being a student it is difficult to find time to really focus on my art, that's why this studio day was so beneficial because it really allowed me to get into the zone and not have to worry about time.” 

“The Studio Day we had last Saturday was very useful. Being able to work on a piece of art for a long uninterrupted amount of time let me try techniques like wood burning and engraving that I wouldn't have had time for in class. Sometimes even a double period can feel restricting so it was nice to set aside a solid amount of time for just art.”

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