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Inma Hidalgo


We are happy to announce that we are one of the five schools chosen for the Sustainability Accelerator Program around Europe. 

We are trying to be more sustainable and ensuring that our whole ISH Community is more aware of it. 

This program is an Erasmus+ program and it will support us to accelerate sustainability education and reshape the way our school thinks and acts about our role in ensuring a sustainable future.

Why is the Sustainability Accelerator Programme (SAP) necessary?

The world finds itself in unprecedented ecological and climate crises, and education has the potential to help us find a way out of them.

Furthermore, as the statistics below show, young people care about sustainability, it matters to their mental health and they need different knowledge, skills and values to survive and thrive in a sustainable world.

Surveys of young people show:

Two of our important objectives are: 

  • Connect learning experiences with the UN SDGs
  • Create mechanisms/frameworks/learning time that allows students the ability to develop projects

Let's all try to have Transformative Sustainability Education!!


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