Rights and responsibilities as ISH students

This charter sets out the rights and responsibilities of all students who are part of the ISH Community. It was created by students for students and developed from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and our school’s Guiding Statements.

We have the right to:

  1. be treated with respect regardless of who we are, where we are from and what we believe
  2. be consulted about decisions that affect us through our student representatives (e.g. student council); be able to question those decisions; and to assert our rights as they are set out in school policies and protocols
  3. a safe, clean and well-maintained school environment, which supports our learning and personal development 
  4. share our personal views at appropriate times, keeping in mind that we must respect the views of others and not share views in a harmful and disrespectful way
  5. learn about ways to take care of our well-being and personal safety
  6. have access to support services that help to take care of our physical and mental health
  7. a healthy and balanced learning experience, which allows us to pursue our own interests 
  8. experience learning in line with the school’s High Quality Learning Statements so that we are enabled to achieve our own personal excellence and be well prepared for life after school
  9. be informed about our rights within and beyond school
  10. learn about and share our culture and language and have it valued by others

Our school and our parents/guardians work together to uphold these rights.

With rights come responsibilities. To enjoy these rights, we will:

  1. be respectful of others regardless of who they are, where they are from and what they believe 
  2. be safe in how we take care of ourselves and in our behaviour towards and around others 
  3. be responsible in our behaviour and in our learning

We behave in accordance with these responsibilities to ensure that we can all enjoy these rights. We understand that if we do not, there may be negative consequences for ourselves, our environment and others.