CIS Commendation

"The Early Years team provides a wide range of opportunities in and out of the classroom to enhance intellectual, artistic and athletic skills in a safe, friendly and healthy environment."

The Early Years are the foundation upon which all future schooling builds. Our Early Years Unit provides a happy and secure environment, where children can grow in confidence through meaningful, open-ended play experiences. 

Our ‘free flow’ setting allows children to make decisions and follow their interests, both indoors and outdoors, supported and guided by our skilled Early Years teams.

The Early Years Programme (EY)

We recognise that your child is naturally curious and wants to experiment, explore and make sense of the world around them. Our programme is inspired by the student-centered, Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches, which utilises self-directed, experiential learning in a relationship-driven environment. Children are encouraged to make connections between their learning and their experience of the world so far.

We believe passionately that young children are strong, capable and resilient and are able to co-construct their learning in partnership with adults. We emphasise the growth of children's inquiry, creativity, curiosity and imagination, while the development of basic skills is also carefully nurtured. 

Children are encouraged to be independent, accessing the resources and materials that they need. The setting provides a holistic approach to learning, with children moving freely between the classrooms, the outdoors and our EY gym. Careful observation and documentation by the EY team ensures that individual progress is tracked and next steps are planned for each child.

Early Years One Programme (EY1)

As children progress to Early Years One, they continue to have access to free flow, both within their classroom and across the EY1 setting. Alongside this, they begin the curriculum content of the Primary Years 

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