Ensuring all students get the support they need to thrive

The word ‘inclusion’ can mean different things to different people, therefore it is important that at the beginning that we clearly explain what ‘inclusion’ means at ISH. 

ISH embraces the International Baccalaureate (IB) definition that ‘Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to increase access and engagement for all students by 

identifying and removing barriers. It is facilitated in a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, support and problem-solving involving the whole school community.”

Central to our model of Inclusion at ISH are the individual needs of the student, which is why we adopt a graduated response to Learning Support which stresses the need for an holistic and collaborative approach. By assessing carefully the needs of our students, we are able to take positive action to remove barriers to their progress, then revisit and refine those decisions to continue building a clearer picture of their needs and how they can achieve personal excellence. 

In the the following pages you will find outlined the range of provision available at ISH, the needs that we are able to provide for, as well as our limitations, information about the ISH Primary LS Team, as well as information about our external partners and the support available to us as a Dutch state school for International families.

Should you have any questions then please email: Learningsupportprimary@ishthehague.nl




Meet the team

Our External Partners

We have a collaborative approach to supporting our students and value the specialist input that our external partners can provide. At ISH, we are very fortunate to have access to external specialists who, while not being employed directly by ISH, are able to provide therapy sessions within the school, attend meetings and provide observations of students upon request.

Ilona Stoop, School Counsellor


Danielle Heij, Inclusion Education Advisor