Pathfinder Programme (MYP)

By emphasising the pursuit of personal excellence, we recognise that every individual is a unique and wonderful bundle of interests, talents and ambitions. MYP Pathfinder students develop this potential by working with their teachers to construct relevant and challenging units of inquiry, and pursue their own personal goals throughout the year. In doing so, they start to create their own unique path in the world.

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Our mission at ISH is to help our students achieve personal excellence. In emphasizing personal excellence, we acknowledge that excellence can be achieved in many different and unique ways.

The Pathfinder Programme supports this mission by providing a space to students in years 9-11 to direct their own learning based on their interests, and develop the skills and attributes they need to make their way in the world and have a positive impact on it.

Why Pathfinder?

  • Individualised Knowledge and Motivation. There is more than one way to implement the MYP. This programme allows students to follow the MYP from the perspective of their own interests, thus harnessing the power of intrinsic motivation and creating their own unique body of knowledge.
  • Skilled for Learning and Life. In doing so, they will not only gain deep knowledge and understanding, but also have the opportunity to practice on a daily basis the skills essential for life and work in the 21st century: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity.
  • Confident about their Place in the World. Young people are engaged in a struggle to shape their identity: who they are and how they will contribute to the world. Pathfinder allows students the space and support to find this understanding, shaping a positive and confident identity.

Pathfinder is built on the fundamental idea that every individual has something unique and wonderful to offer the world, and the aim of school should be to help them discover and develop this.

Anne Tabak, Pathfinder Coordinator

Anne Tabak

Anne Tabak

Pathfinder Coordinator, GIN Coordinator, Duke of Edinburgh International Award Leader, History Teacher, Integrated Humanities Teacher

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