What does a day in ISH Early Years look like?


8:30 AM

Arriving at school 

Children arrive at school and put their coats and bags on their coat pegs.

Morning carpet time 

They join their  teacher and classmates in their homebase classroom for their morning meeting.  They talk about what they are planning to do during the morning free-flow session and any special activities that are happening in the environment.


Free  Flow 

During free-flow children are able to move around the Early Years environment and choose to play in any classroom or the outdoor environment.  In each class there is a staff member ready to support any child who comes into the area.


Children  help to prepare the snack each day and it is available throughout the morning whenever they feel hungry. 

Specialist lesson PE 

Children have specialist lessons for PE, Music, and Library.


Children bring their lunch to school and sit with their friends to eat, with Early Years staff and Lunch Time Supervisors to support them. 

Outside Play 

After lunch all children go outside for a playtime.


Carpet time 

Children return to their homebase classroom for a whole class lesson that has a learning focus on: Maths; Literacy; Understanding the world;  personal, social and emotional development.


Free flow 

Children have the opportunity again to free flow in the environment.

Story Time 

Children return to their homebase classroom to prepare for home time and enjoy a story with their teacher.

15:00 Home time

Children are collected from school.





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