How technology is integrated into the curriculum at ISH

Technology at ISH Primary

We feel it is important that our students develop IT knowledge and skills as an integrated part of the curriculum as a means to enhance learning rather than teaching those attributes as part of a separate subject.

For example, in order to apply concepts and deepen understanding we use virtual reality in a variety of curriculum areas in IPC, coding and robotics in Maths and IPC, composition and electronic performance software in Music, movie making and publishing media in Writing Workshop, digital citizenship lessons in PSHE and reflection on learning using a variety of applications and media in all subjects.

To help our students become more adept navigators and users of digital workflows and workspaces, we make use of a number of on-line platforms including G-Suite for Education, Padlet  and Seesaw.

Steve Middleton

Kevin Curiston, Primary School ICT Leader

Technology at ISH Secondary

We feel it is important to develop IT knowledge and skills as an integrated element of the curriculum. Students develop the necessary attributes and understanding to become both confident users of technology and to be capable contributors to developments in a technologically rich future.

Throughout their Secondary phase experience, ISH students are supported to become digital citizens, global collaborators, empowered learners, knowledge constructors, innovative designers, creative collaborators and computational thinkers.

Dr Martin Watts, Whole School Ed. Tech Coordinator, Digital Design Teacher

Aaron Tyo-Dickerson, Distance Learning Coordinator
Technology Innovation Coordinator

Digital Citizens

The International School of The Hague (ISH) strives to foster a safe, disciplined, educational environment, both offline and online, to provide an atmosphere where students can develop the skills to become motivated, independent and productive digital citizens. ISH teachers and students know the benefits of technology in the educational environment and strive to ensure that technology is used appropriately and effectively.

All members of ISH will be good digital citizens by being safe, responsible, and respectful with their use of technology. Staff and students will model digital citizenship and encourage others to do the same. Teachers will provide instruction for their students about the appropriate use of technology and online safety. ISH teachers, staff and students will protect their information, treat others kindly, and credit their sources.

Primary kids working with ipads
Photo showing a teacher helping a student on the computer