Connecting with the community

At ISH we are fortunate to have a fantastic group of dedicated volunteers who serve as ambassadors and act as a link between your family and the school from the moment you arrive in The Hague. Where possible each family is assigned a Parent Connector who speaks the family's main language. Furthermore, each Secondary Student is allocated a Student Connector to help make them feel welcome from day one.



Parent Connectors

Having once been new to ISH themselves, our Parent Connectors are well placed to offer support finding your feet in a new country and starting a new school. Sharing a home language and often a shared understanding of how things work in The Netherlands in comparison to your native country can really help make the transition smoother. Whether your family is completely new to the Netherlands or is an internationally mobile Dutch family repatriating after having been away, this group of ambassadors are able to make a potentially stressful time, a little easier.

The Parent Connectors are the only parent group who work with both Primary and Secondary and therefore are in contact with ISH families across the whole school. Coordinators Lin and Yuri know each facet of school life, and know just where support is needed.