What can my child buy in the Book Store? 

Run by a team of parent volunteers, the ISH Bookstore provides students and staff with a convenient location where they can buy, on-site, stationery and other school supplies at affordable prices. It is a not-for-profit entity operating within the school premises. Profits deriving from our sales are reinvested in our school community to cater to specific needs. 

*Cash only

(Please note that the Bookstore does not sell PE house shirts, but we have sample shirts in each size for students to try on. Shirts can be purchased online at https://freekicksport.ccvshop.nl/ISH.)

Opening hours: 

Regular hours
Monday-Friday: 9:50-13:20

Extended hours (first two weeks of school)
Monday-Friday: 9:50-15:00

Our assortment

  • pencils - € 0.20
  • pens €0.30-€0.60
  •  highlighters €1.20
  • rulers €0.50-€0.70
  • protractors €0.30
  • soft ring binders €1.50
  • erasers €0.50
  • sharpeners €0.30
  • glue sticks €1.20
  • Y7-Y9 calculator €9
  • various notebooks €0.60-€2.80
  • balls for football and ping pong tables €1.00

ISH branded items

  • Metallic pen €1.00
  • Stylus pen €1.00
  • Pencil w/ eraser €0.65
  • Card holders €2.00
  • Lined notebooks €1.50
  • Bike seat cover €2.65
  • Tote bag €2.25 

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