School Bus Service

The door-to-door bus service available at the International School of The Hague is offered by a company called Achttax, with which we liaise. 

Visit Achttax website

It is available to both Primary and Secondary students. In the Primary School there are various pickups from different locations in the morning and then one pick time in the afternoon which is the end of the school day: 

  • 15:00 every day (apart from Wednesday)
  • 12:30 on Wednesday

If Students in Primary are attending extra- curricular activities after school they will have to be collected by Parents or Guardians.

Secondary Students also have pickups from different locations in the mornings. As Secondary Students have various finishing times in the afternoon, we will have to arrange two different Pick Up times, this might mean that the student will have to wait for the bus.


The School bus service currently operates from the following areas: Den Haag, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Ypenburg, Scheveningen, Rijswijk, Zoetermeer en Voorschoten.

Fees 2021-2022 and Detailed Information

The School Bus Fees and detailed information you will find in the ISH Transportation Guide. Please find the link below. 

ISH Transportation Guide

Applying for a place

If you would like to apply for this Service, please find the link to the application form below.

Bus Application Form

If you have any questions of would like more information please contact Achttax directly at or call tel. 070 3839696

We are not able to guarantee a space on the bus.


Withdrawal of a student from the Bus Service must be given in writing and allow a minimum of 30 School days.