Where could I live in The Hague?

The Hague is wonderful city to live. Most areas are safe to live, and travel through to get to school. There are good travel links to our school from most places in The Hague. Deciding where to live will be dependent on a variety of choices you make for your family, amongst others they are:

  • The size of the house you want
  • access to outside space
  • length of commute to school
  • length of commute to your place of employment
  • value for money

Below we will highlight a few of the areas that are most popular with parents at our school. Please note, because these are the areas popular with expats, they are not the most affordable in The Hague. 


The Hague


This is where our school is situated. More specifically it is situated in the area of Kijkduin, which is a beach resort on the south side of The Hague. Here, you will be close to the beach and dunes. In this green area, houses of all sizes are found so there is something for everyone. It is convenient for expats with young children. 


Segbroek is comprised of the following: Bomenbuurt (tree area), Bloemenbuurt (flower area), Heesterbuurt(shrub area), Vogelwijk (bird area),  Vruchtenbuurt (fruit area).

These neighbourhoods were largely built between 1911 and 1923. Here you will find nice apartments for a good price, many young couples settle here. The cozy Fahrenheitstraat area has many shops and restaurants. It is an easy cycle ride to school, or there are good public transport links. The city centre is 10 minutes away. It is also convenient for the beach, and dunes. 


Statenkwartier : This district is near the beach, the harbour and the famous, lively shopping street called “The Fred”. Statenkwartier is also referred to as the international zone, because of the many embassies and international organizations. This neighbourhood was built at the end of the 19th century.

Duinoord : This are is charming and full of character. Much of the architecture dates from the late 19th century and today the area is known for its somewhat bohemian atmosphere. 

Van Stolkpark, Westbroekpark/Duttendel and Belgisch Park: In these neighbourhoods are beautiful houses and villas and these areas are popular with expats. The beach, dunes and woods are very close by. These districts are quiet and very pleasant neighbourhoods with parks, and it is easy to park your car.


City Centre (Centrum) : The Hague’s bustling downtown area has far more to offer than just the landmarks Binnenhof, Noordeinde Palace, and Peace Palace. Boutiques, cafes, concert and dance venues, galleries, flagship stores, museums and restaurants offer something to everyone who loves culture, shopping and nightlife. 

Archipelbuurt/Willemspark: This area is close to the town centre, museums and parks. The beautifully renovated, old style houses found here are full of character and historic atmosphere. Prices reflect the area’s desirability and limited space makes parking a challenge.

Zeeheldenkwartier : This area is popular with expats. You will find many little-known but very nice restaurants and bars. In general, the people who live here do not want to be near the crowds and prefer to retreat to quieter and less hip venues. A lot of nice and affordable apartments here.


A little bit further out, this area continually expanding area, founded in the 90’s, gives families a bit more space. It has all the amenities a modern family could need, and the easy transport links into the city centre, and proximity to the motorways in north, south and east direction, make it a very attractive area.


In this district you will find generally large houses with an attractive price. Many young families settle here

because of the green area and many play opportunities for children.This area is located on the border of the city but is easily accessible by public transport and car. Parking here is not a problem at all.

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