Which National Holidays do the Dutch have?

Date Public Holiday What is it about?
23 September Prinsjesdag This is only a holiday in The Hague. The date is variable as it always falls on the third Tuesday in September. It is the day that celebrates the opening of parliament. In the centre of The Hague you can see the king and Queen travel from the work palace in Noordeinde to parliament in the "golden carriage". For Primary this is a holiday day, Secondary goes to school in the morning. 
5 December Sinterklaas

Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus. In school, this is celebrated by a visit from the tall man himself. He goes around Primary classes with his helpers handing out treats and reading from his big book with information about the class.

25 December Christmas Day Although Sinterklaas is the original Dutch holiday, most families in the Netherlands also celebrate Christmas. Most families tend to celebrate one bigger than the other, though. The Hague is not known for its Christmas markets, unlike other towns, but there is always a small, high-quality market along the banks of the "Hofvijver" in the days leading up to this holiday. 
26 December Second day of Christmas  
1 January New Year's Day There may be a bit of a haze over the city from the fireworks the night before. At noon there is a tradition of taking a dive in the North Sea and eating "erwtensoep" or pea soup afterwards. 
15 April Good Friday There is no school on this day this year. But it is not always like this. Some businesses will remain open, and employees work, and some do not. It varies based on employer. 
17 April Easter  
18 April Second Easter Day  
27 April Koningsdag or King's Day This is the King's birthday. On this day there are fair grounds in various places in the city. There are also local flea markets everywhere, where people bring out a rug and try to sell their things. There's orange everywhere!
4 May Remembrance Day At 8 o'clock there is two minutes of silence everywhere in the country. This is to remember all the people who lost their lives in war. For the Netherlands, this is largely about the Second World War. There will be televised gatherings on the "Dam" in Amsterdam, but also on the "Waalsdorpervlakte" at the memorial to the soldiers who were shot there, in the dunes between Scheveningen and Wassenaar. 
5 May Liberation Day Schools are normally free on this day, but businesses usually only every five years. 
26 May Ascension Day This is always on a Thursday. As a school we normally add the Friday as a holiday too, to make a long weekend
5 June Pentecost  




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