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Getting around in The Hague

By putting in the address into you can plan your entire journey in The Netherlands, door to door, including the walk between stops. 

Plan your journey

The OV-Chipkaart

Using "OV-chipkaart" is the easiest way to use public transport in The Netherlands. You can pay for an individual ticket in the bus or tram using a bank or credit card, but it is easier and cheaper to buy an OV-chipkaart. But always remember to check in and out of the transport using the machines located at every door. When you check out the cost of your journey is displayed on the machine. Before using the card you need to load money onto it using the various points at stations or supermarkets. 

More information about the OV-card

There are two options for OV chipkaart, a personalized one or an anonymous one.


Personalised OV-Chipkaart

If you often travel by public transport, the personal OV-chipkaart is convenient. You can add several travel products at the same time as well as using passes and age discounts. Everything on one card. To apply for a card click the following link

Purchase a personalised OV-Chipkaart

Anonymous OV-Chipkaart

This type of card is not linked to an individual. So it is not possible to add passes to the card. The anonymous card can be used by more than one person, though not at the same time. This is very convenient for a family. So if you get visitors from abroad, these cards are very handy to use and reuse.

 Apply for an anonymous OV-Chipkaart (in Dutch)

Public transport timetables in The Hague 


Public transport timetables for The Netherlands


International public transport timetables 



Dutch Public Holidays

Which holidays do the Dutch celebrate? 

Areas of The Hague

Where does the ISH Community live? 

Settling in The Hague

Where do I get practical information about moving to The Netherlands?

Meeting New People

How can I become part of the community?

Waste Disposal Information

Waste disposal and recycling services

The School

General information about school 

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