Start of the year essentials

Who to contact if...
Joy Davis
Who do I contact if
My child is ill and won't be coming to school?

Email the:

  • Primary office (
  • Class Teacher
  • If applicable: Notify afterschool care provider / school bus company
My child needs to leave school early or will arrive late?


I have a question about my child's progress or something about my child to share? 


  • Class Teacher
There is a change in pickup arrangements for my child

Contact the:

  • Primary office (email & phone)
  • Email:
  • Class Teacher
  • If applicable: Notify after school care provider/ School bus company
I have a question regarding school fees?  Contact the Finance Department
My child is unwell but I am not sure if they should stay at home Contact the Health Office on the general school number: 070-3384567