What is the Student Council at ISH?

In Primary we are proud to have a Student Council. The purpose is to give the children real responsibility and a ‘student voice’ to help improve and develop the school. At the beginning of each academic year, children in Years 2 to 6 have the opportunity to put themselves forward as a Student Council Representative. Those interested prepare a presentation of their ideas and then an election process takes place. All students are involved in voting and learning about the process. The Student Council meet regularly to share students’ ideas, interests and concerns and discuss school initiatives. They work in partnership with the Primary School Leadership Team, staff and parents for the benefit of the whole school.

The ISH Student Council in Secondary is made up of elected members from Years 11 - 12. The main concern of the Student Council is to make sure that the needs of the students at ISH are being heard and addressed. To accomplish this, the Student Council meets with the class representatives on a regular basis to find out about any information or concern that they may have. The Student Council then presents the views of the students to School Leadership in regular meetings with the Vice Principal: Experiential Learning. Three key members of the Student Council represent the student body in monthly MR meetings. One key member of Student Council is present at the bi-annual GMR meetings.