Experiential Learning

At ISH we believe that your child(ren)'s experience and reflective practice is central to their learning process, whether it be in an academic setting or our Service Learning and Co-Curricular programmes. We draw on the research and thinking of educational theorists including Dewey, Hahn and Kolb to develop engaging programmes that give our students enriching experiences, guided reflections and opportunities to further build on what they have learned to help their knowledge and understanding. Our aim is to deliver education where every student can be inspired to find and explore their passions and to continue their journey as lifelong learners.

Though the principle is the same, structurally we approach experiential learning differently across Primary and Secondary, reflecting the different age groups and the demands of the curriculum.

In Primary our programme is inspired by the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches, which is student-centered and use self-directed, experiential learning in a relationship-driven environment.  Students are placed at the centre and the teacher’s role is to enable the children through access to knowledge and opportunities to develop skills and dispositions.

In Early Years (EY) the children have the opportunity to explore their interests in our free flow environment; provocations are planned and provided to extend their learning.  From EY1 onwards the IPC provides a wealth of opportunities for experiential learning both indoors and out.  In all year groups, children are able to access numerous age-appropriate opportunities.  This includes farm visits, growing seeds, making cheese and chocolate, producing and marketing our own products, creating websites, participating in dance and choir, sporting activities as well as being part of local, national and international charities and societal change.

Teachers use observation and questioning to encourage the children to transfer the learning from the experiential activity to the real world, encourage reflection so the children can derive the most learning and ensure the learning outcomes are reached.

In Secondary, we are able to offer a fantastic range of opportunities such as singing in the choir, performing in an orchestra, constructing robots, contributing to global conversations through the Model United Nations, taking action in both charity and societal change in GIN, taking part in a multitude of sports, building schools in Kenya and more. Click on the image below to explore some of the activities your child(ren) could take part in as they find their personal excellence.

Primary After School Activities and Sports

Classes and clubs are led by ISH staff and qualified community members.

The Primary School is pleased to offer a wide range of after school activities for the students at ISH. With such a selection we trust there is something of interest for everyone! 

Secondary Experiential

Fantastic range of opportunities for secondary students

More about experiential learning in secondary school