Academic Trips

Trips and excursions in each year are designed to engage students, and to foster an engagement with subject matter they come into contact with outside the classroom. Compulsory trips are tailored to the curriculum, giving both staff and students another dimension to learning. This page gives you an indication of some of the trips or excursions our students experience. There are some examples in the primary school as well as the secondary school.   Our position in the Netherlands gives us access to many wonderful places in the world.  Compulsory trips are included in the school fee, whilst some others require additional payment. 

Madrid Trip

For students of Spanish, trips are organised to experience the history, culture, food and language of Spain.

Luxembourg Trip

This trip for participants in the Global Issues Network (GIN) to showcase projects they have been working on, and gain inspiration with the backdrop of this beautiful city. 

International Award Journeys

Students participating in the International Award have to complete a Bronze, Silver or Gold Journey.  Groups of students had to prepare in advance, navigate their way, camp overnight for 2 nights.

International Award Practice Journeys

Students do their practice journeys  for the International Award in the natural areas around holland, for example,  the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and the Veluwe.  They will have navigate their way in small groups, and camp overnight.

Ameland Trip

The trip to Ameland is a compulsory trip for Year 10.  It is a survival course facilitated by Elite Survival. Here students learn valuable skills which can be applied to many aspects of life. 

Schiermonnikoog Trip

Year 12 Geography students travel to the island of Schiermonnikoog as part of their Internal Assessment. They collect and process data in the sand dune area which is used as part of their assessment. 

Dresden Trip

With highlights like the Frauenkirche, the Semperoper, and a visit to the Stasi Unterlagen Behorde, this trip is a great experience in German culture and history.

Kroller Moller Museum

Year 12 students go on a trip as part of their of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) or Personal Professional Skills component of the IB programs. This museum is in an area of outstanding natural beauty: Park de Hoge Veluwe. 

Ypres Trip

This compulsory Year 9 trip supports the understanding of the First World War as  Ypres was the centre of several key battles. The many interesting sights develop knowledge into the nature of the conflict. 

Cologne Trip

During this trip students visit the largest memorial site for the victims of the Nazis, visit the Weihnachtsmarkt, and do activities allowing them to converse with local German people. 

Ardennen Trip (Survival)

As part of an induction, to get to know new classmates and teachers, as well as prepare for the rigours of the IBDP and CP programme, Year 12 students go on a survival weekend. 


The Year 7 Cross-curricular trip to Archeon Open Air Museum aims to be both educational and social. Students participate in activities designed to allow them to experience Roman life. 

Amsterdam Trip

In addition to broadening students' general knowledge about Amsterdam, World War II and the Golden Age, this compulsory  Year 11 trip supports learning of a range of different subjects like History, Dutch, and English. 

French Trip

Students of French travel to France to experience the history, culture, food and language. With excellent travel links,  it allows trip organisers to vary the destination from the exciting city of Paris, to the historical  city of Rouen.