Malcolm Davies Music Centre (MDMC)

"Like music to my ears"

Whatever your musical ambition may be, it can be pursued at the Malcolm Davies Music Centre (MDMC). Solo study; pop band; Glee Club; rock band? The MDMC provides over 150 hours of private instrumental, voice, and ensemble lessons per week!

The lessons take place throughout the academic year, and are conveniently located at the ISH itself.

The teachers of the MDMC are all experienced musicians who have been carefully selected for their skill, dedication and experience both as teachers and as performers. As performances are an essential part of the learning process, abundant performance opportunities during the school year give our students the opportunity to showcase their talents; these include the Eisteddfod annual music competition and the MDMC June & December concerts to name but a few, all of which enable parents and friends to see their aspiring musicians perform pieces form different repertoires and levels.

In order to register yourself / your child to a lesson please fill out the following enrollment form

For further information regarding any of the above, please contact the Malcolm Davies music centre’s director Mr. Goldwasser