• Concerts are open for all participants who wish to perform (it is advisable though, to discuss it with the teacher first).
  • Concerts are open both for ISH and non-ISH students.
  • Usually concerts are divided into 2 sets (depending on the number of participants).
  • Students are allowed to play one piece (min. of 3 minutes) and one ensemble piece if they choose to.
  • All applicants need to fill out the relevant registration form, and submit it no later than 7 days prior to the concert.

Eisteddfod musical competition

The Eisteddfod is divided into different categories levels (all categories are number dependent, and there is a chance that a category will not go ahead due to a small number of participants):


A short composition (between 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes) played by the composer or other(s). Any instrument, combination is possible.


An ensemble can be compiled of two or more students. A teacher MAY NOT be a part of the ensemble but is allowed to conduct it. In an event where a teacher does play with an ensemble (a students is sick etc.) all participants will be given a certificate with the judge's remarks, but will not be disqualified from competing for first second or third price.


Participants should be able to play one short piece musically and proficiently. There will be no winners at this level but each participant will receive a certificate of entry and an encouraging comment sheet.

Solo Levels (A,B,C):

Candidates level A, B and non-competition, play one piece. At level C they may play two contrasting pieces. Ensembles can play two contrasting pieces.
The performances will be evaluated by a panel of 3 judges, which will give their decision at the end of each category. For each category the judges will name a first, second and third place and also best performer of the entire competition from the different categories and levels (with the exception of the non-competition level).
The level of the student will be decided by the teacher submitting the application. Pieces played should be timed, and be no longer than 4 min.

The categories are made in accordance with the Trinity's exam grade level:

  • A - grades 1 - 2
  • B - grades 3 - 4
  • C - grades 5 - 8

*A student is allowed to compete in one solo category and in one instrument only (even though he / she may play on more than one instrument).

*A students competing in the solo category, may also compete in the ensemble category.


The center will provide an accompanist for the festival. This will need to be communicated to the director (via the online form) no later than two weeks prior to the festival. Music should be given to the designated accompanist no later than two weeks before the festival. It is the applicant's responsibility to contact the pianist and to arrange rehearsals.

In an absence of an adequete accompanist, teachers can act as an accompanist, with the exception of the ensemble category.

Time table

All applicants need to fill out the relevant registration form, and submit it no later than 14 days prior to the competition. Time tables of the different category criteria's will be sent 3 days before the designated date.

Students should make them selves available for the entire day, and no timetable requests can be made

The competition is open both for ISH and non-ISH students.