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WEEK 5 - Final Bike Challenge Results
WEEK 5 - Final Bike Challenge Results

AND IT IS OVER.... 5 weeks of hard cycling. Great job to all 76 riders who took part in the challenge. As this is the last week of school the house competition is over as results are needed for the overall House Winners from all house events over the year. Who is going to take the crown?


It looks like the Leopards House continued their dominance and cycled home with the 1st place finish in this Strava Cycling Challenge. Congratulations to all riders. You can check out the results below for a full rundown.


Congratulations to the students as they did not take their foot off the pedal, once they got the lead they hung on to it with ease, beating the teacher's team by over a 1000km!! Better luck next time, Teachers! :)


This challenge is one that will be continued next year, along with many others, so make sure you keep it up over the summer holidays.


Thank you to all who took part and have a great Summer break.


TOTAL STATS: 13668.1km completed by all riders over 5 weeks = 2733.62km a week ave. That is the equivalent of cycling from The Netherlands to South Africa! Awesome job everyone!


Go ISH..... #ishkeepitmoving


Results below:


House/Team Total Distance
Dragons 205 KM
Leopards 362.4 KM
Lions 237,6 KM
Wolves 391 KM
Staff 1369.2 KM

House/Team Leaders Per house
Dragons K Srikar Narayan Rao
Leopards Michael Nthenge
Lions tollo wachira
Wolves Haseena Danai
Staff Karolina C

House/Rank Top 10 Riders (students)
1 Wolves Haseena Danai
2 Leopards Michael Nthenge
3 Lions tollo wachira
4 Dragons K Srikar Narayan Rao
5 Wolves Fares Giesen
6 Leopards Miguel Suarez y Gonzalez
7 Dragons Alba Nogueroles Langa
8 Wolves Adriana Chira
9 Leopards Harry Kangaroo
10 Dragons Emese .

Rank Top Riders (staff)
1 Karolina C
2 Teun Veken
3 Simon Brooks
4 Aaron Tyo-Dickerson
5 symon mcnie
6 Tim Smeets
7 Joana Bouza Serrano
8 Ana Margueirat
9 Chantal Maaswinkel
10 elvy v


Total Distance

Week 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5

Dragons 1595,3 KM
Leopards 3051,4 KM
Lions 975,9 KM
Wolves 2016,9 KM
Student Total 7639,5 KM
Staff 6028,6 KM