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EAL Journal Published
EAL Journal Published

Since Fall 2017, Year 1 has been working with the ISH EAL and Mother Tongue Departments to develop a new teaching strategy for our English beginner students. This has involved the flexible use of Google speaker buttons, which allow lesson content to be played out loud in both English and the languages of the children. This translation tool also allows our English beginner students the opportunity to express their knowledge and understanding of lesson concepts in their own languages, alongside their developing English skills. This new strategy has been trialled across a number of classroom subjects, in whole class, small group and individual settings, bringing with it a number of great social and learning successes for our Year 1 children.

Read this excellent new post on the NALDIC EAL Journal blog by ISH educators Josh Martin and Mindy McCracken. It details the use of audio translation software in the classroom, allowing EAL learners to engage with both lesson content and express their ideas.