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Our Architectural Expedition in Rotterdam
Our Architectural Expedition in Rotterdam

The Year 10 Visual Arts students completed their Architectural Expedition last Tuesday in Rotterdam. The students received a guided tour of the collection of artworks at Boijmans Museum van Beuningen, which included old religious triptychs and Bauhaus creations.

Furthermore, the students went on a walking tour through the city centre that showcased the diverse architecture in Rotterdam. The guides pointed out that Rotterdam is a city that is open to trying out new ideas. From Central Station, along the Schouwburg Plein, through the Coolsingel and back past the Nieuw Instituut to the brand new public archive being built next to the museum.

Students will be taking this new-found knowledge and their experience from these tours back to the classroom in order to create their own architectural sculptures.

All in all, with the beautiful weather and bustling city energy, the students had a wonderful day out and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.