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Primary Valentine's Gala Concert Feb 2020
Primary Valentine's Gala Concert Feb 2020


Monday, February 10th was the annual Primary Gala Concert hosted by the ISH’s Primary Music Department, under the theme of Valentine’s Day. 

This annual event is an opportunity for primary students to showcase their musical talents to their teachers, friends, and family. The audience was entertained by many performances from the Year 2 - 4 Choir, the Year 5-6 Choir and the Primary Orchestra as well as guest performers, the Junior and Senior Viva Voce choir. Everyone delivered spectacular performances and their hard work these past few months definitely paid off; all the clapping and cheering from the audience was well deserved. Hopefully, this gives the students a push to keep up with their musical passions so that we’d hear more from them in the future. 

This concert wouldn’t have been possible without the primary music teachers, Ms. Titan and Mr. Roberto. We’d like to thank them for organizing this wonderful event as well as Ms. Ogusu, the secondary music teacher and conductor for the Viva Voce choirs. 

We’re excited for what’s to come in next year’s Primary Gala Concert and can’t wait to hear more from the music department. 

“The opportunity of being in the choir is precious to me. Singing happy songs, sad songs, low songs and high songs, I still always enjoy myself. The choir concert on Monday was fantastic and it turned out really well! I am so excited for the next concert to come. Performing in Choir is an amazing experience, especially singing a solo! I will always love singing and the way it inspires me, thank you so much for this opportunity!!” - Celina Lopez Louge 6F

"The concert was great and we all sang very well but you could tell that a lot of people were nervous. The MC was very fun as it let me and Yasmin talk about the songs and let people know about the back scene and how we learn how to sing them. For the future, I’m very excited to work with primary choirs and with the senior Viva Voce.” - Basil Mohsen 7E

 "I liked being able to sing together with the primary choir and their musicians. It was a lot of fun to be able to perform with children of different ages, and I hope we can do more activities like this in the future. Having a larger group of people really enhanced the song. I was one of the MC’s for the concert and represented senior Viva Voce by writing a script and explaining things about the songs we were singing." - Yasmin Mohsen 11H