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The Shell Eco-Marathon- A Diary
The Shell Eco-Marathon- A Diary

Our Silverback Engineering students competed in the Shell Eco-Marathon. They went up against teams from Technical Universities and did brilliantly. The following entries were done by the student engineers. Have a look at their journey!



After an early flight, we piled into the minivan and drove down to the Premiere Inn to drop off our stuff. Soon enough we were back on our way to the track, excited and ready to get some preparation done! We got registered, and headed to our garage where our car was waiting, thanks to Mr. Griffiths and Mr. Dors. We organized our materials, took tonnes of nice pictures together, worked on some last-minute things for the car to make sure we're ready for tomorrow's safety and technical tests. We still have to resolve some minor issues with the car, and can't wait to get back to it tomorrow. The sphere is very lively and energized, and we're pumped to start the competition. Wish us luck!



After a good night's rest, we were up and ready to start the day early. We had breakfast and drove to the event in the morning and worked on finishing the start-up circuit. Unfortunately, we had an issue with the braking system but we managed to get it done in time to do technical and safety inspections. We passed 10/11 inspections; everything except the inspections, the exception being the brakes, as they weren't tight enough. We got time to fix them and try to solve the issue. We managed to complete them before leaving and we'll get a second chance tomorrow morning, which will determine whether or not we get to race. Pressures on! Wish us good luck.


Today we got in early to work on the car and make sure it's ready for the retakes of the final inspection - the brakes. We managed to finish them off and luckily passed the Safety  inspection which meant we were allowed to race! 

We still had some time to finish tuning and getting the car ready but unfortunately, there was a minor issue with the fuel which was noticed just before going on to the track for the first time. This resulted in us missing the time slot in which we were allowed to go on the track for today and we now have to wait until tomorrow. However, we did manage to test-drive the car on the test track which went very well. We can't wait to get on the main track tomorrow and hopefully set a time! Tonight we will have our annual team dinner.



Today was an eventful day with lots of ups and downs. We got to the event early in the morning to fix the issue with the fuel, then stood in line waiting for our turn to race on the main track for the first time. Unfortunately, the car ran out of fuel after almost 7/11 laps so we didn't manage to set a time since we weren't able to complete the 11 laps. We fixed the problem with the fuel and went to try for our 2nd attempt but sadly the engine wouldn't start right as the car was about to go onto the track. We had to take it back to the paddock to fix it and ended up missing the time slot to race again today. We were given a slot on the track tomorrow morning for our 2nd attempt and we hope to be able to fit in one more attempt later in the day and hopefully set a time.



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