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VivaVoce Singers Put on a Captivating Performance
VivaVoce Singers Put on a Captivating Performance

On Sunday 17th of February, the Junior VivaVoce (Y7-9) and Senior VivaVoce (Y10-13) students were invited to perform at the Messiaskerk in Wassenaar, along with the ASH High School Choir, the ASH Community Choir, and the ASH String Ensemble. The students sang an assortment of different songs they had practiced and performed throughout the year, and the grand finale saw all the choirs coming together to sing a song in front of a captive audience.

One of our Senior VivaVoce singers, Kiki, said "I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the experience of being able to sing in a church. It was a memorable experience and I loved performing the final song 'Standing in the need of prayer'. It was amazing to perform the song alongside the other choirs, and together we produced a beautiful noise that echoed through the church. I am thoroughly excited for next year's performance at the Messiaskerk."

Our VivaVoce singers performing at the Messiaskerk in Wassenaar


One of our Junior VivaVoce singers, Maria, said that "We all had a lot of fun in this performance and we very much appreciated it. The Junior and Senior VivaVoce singers performed 2 solos pieces, and we were able to sing a song between the two groups. At the end of the performance, everyone that was performing joined together to sing one final song. We were extremely happy that we got to be part of such an amazing event and we hope to join again next year, alongside the ASH High School Choir, the ASH Community Choir and the ASH String Ensemble."