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VONK dinner in Madurodam
VONK dinner in Madurodam

On Monday December 9th, 10 students from ISH took part in the VONK dinner that was organised in and by Madurodam. Our year 12 student Katerina Reitsma is alderman of this mini city and together with a fellow committee member she took care of the organization of this event.

The purpose of the dinner was to bring elderly people together with young people. There were both 100 elderly and young people invited to a fantastic Christmas dinner graced with entertainment. Our students have joined the group of people and made a friendship with an elderly person from The Hague society.

It was a beautiful evening and our school was well represented. Homage to Katerina and to the students who immediately felt willing to participate in this initiative. How proud we are of the people who populate our school and community.

Betty Barel

teacher Dutch