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Year 12 Induction Trip
Year 12 Induction Trip

Last week on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of September our Year 12's took part in the annual Induction Trip. This year we travelled all the way to Pagedal Center in Drenthe for the 2-day bonanza. The students organised a themed potluck lunch in mentor groups which was a huge success with lots of healthy homemade snacks. Congratulations to 12I who won the challenge with their incredible Asian themed picnic, showing a great connection with each already through their meticulous planning. In order to prepare them for the next 2 years, the core aspects of the DP and CP course were introduced to the students along with some amazing activities arranged by our fantastic core team. The students worked really well on these activities with their mentor showing their curious side.      

The students took part in a huge array of adventure activities which were focused on teamwork, thinking skills, communication skills and some risk-taking activities. The bubble football game, the crate climbing and the base jump were a few of the named favourites among the students. Well done to all the mentors who completed the base jump too! 

Late morning saw the students and mentors completing more of the ever-popular adventure activities. After lunch, we all piled back onto the coaches for our sleepy trip back to The Hague. The trip was a huge success with the students really getting to bond with each other and their mentors, learning about key aspects of the DP/CP core and having lots of fun in the process. A big thank you to all the mentors and supervisors, without which we wouldn't have been able to run such an outstanding trip. A wonderful start to Year 12! 

Student quote:

"I enjoyed the teamwork aspect of the many activities so much because we were placed in groups of people that we might have not known well or talked to very much before. The challenges however required us to work together and through this, we instantly bonded. I think the connections that we made during this trip will be important, as, the years ahead will be difficult and stressful at times and in these time periods support from people around you is crucial to get you back on your feet and in a positivity mindset again to be able to succeed the extremely challenging dp program."

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