How do I apply for my children to ISH?

The admissions procedure is an easy four step process. To apply, follow the following four steps. Other useful information can also be found below. 

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What Do I Need to Know Before Applying


What priority level is my child and what does that mean? 

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Admissions Statuses Explained

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Placement in Primary

We offer a Pre-Reception class for children reaching the age of four (4) after 1 October of any school year, once they have had their birthday. Children in this class will then move into Reception in the following school year. Please note that the fee level for this class is higher than for other years in the school due to a difference in the government subsidy and financial costings.

Admission to the International School of The Hague is contingent upon our school programme being suitable to meet the applicant's needs. Knowledge of English as an academic language is not a requirement for admission. Primary School policy is to place children in age grouped classes, when possible.

Children entering Reception must have reached their fourth (4th) birthday before 1 October of that school year. Class level assignment will be determined through past school records and personal interviews. Some programmes are available for children with learning disabilities.

Placement in Secondary

We have placement tests for all students applying for a place in Year 7 and above. These are internal tests designed to ensure that students are placed in classes suitable to their knowledge and ability, and also, in the case of Years 12 and 13, that they are capable of completing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) at the level chosen.

For Years 7 – 11 the placement tests are for English and Mathematics, as well as language tests in French, German, or Spanish for basic to native proficiency levels.

For Year 12, the first IB year, placement tests include languages, Mathematics and Science.

Students who are not yet in the Netherlands can usually sit the placement tests in their current school, who will administer the test and forward them to us by arrangement.

For Year 12, the first IB Year, the testing sessions include Languages, Mathematics and Science.

Our goal at every level is to make applicants as comfortable as possible, so that they will do their best work.

What year should I apply for? 

Unless, there is significant evidence to suggest a child’s needs will be best met in a different year group, all children will be placed into the academic year that corresponds with their date of birth. For 2020-2021 these dates are as follows:

Year Group

Born after

Born before

Pre-Early Years

1 October 2016

30 September 2017

Early Years

1 October 2015

30 September 2016


1 October 2014

30 September 2015


1 October 2013

30 September 2014


1 October 2012

30 September 2013


1 October 2011

30 September 2012


1 October 2010

30 September 2011


1 October 2009

30 September 2010


1 October 2008

30 September 2009


1 October 2007

30 September 2008


1 October 2006

30 September 2007


1 October 2005

30 September 2006


1 October 2004

30 September 2005


1 October 2003

30 September 2004


1 October 2002

30 September 2003


More Information


Before officially applying you can submit an enquiry to find out if ISH is the place for your family without committing.

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