What are the school fees to send my child to ISH?

On this page, you will find an overview of the costs for each school year. For transparency, we have also included a list of any additional costs which parents may incur for technology, sports equipment and so on.

All fees are displayed in Euros and invoices are sent out in the first week of school.

For a more in-depth look, please scroll down for the buttons to the Standards Terms and Conditions (ST&C) at the bottom of the page.

Annual Fees 2021-2022

Additional Costs:

Application Fee

We have a € 325 application fee. This is non-refundable and covers the costs of administration required to process the application. An application will not be reviewed until it has been paid. 

Deposit Fee

The deposit fee is a ‘safety net’ that the school needs in order to prevent and deter non-payment. It is also used to deduct funds for any loss or damage caused by a student to school property. A deposit of €1,000.00 (per child) must be paid into the School account. This deposit is paid once and will be included in the first invoice. The deposit fee will be refunded when conditions are met. Please refer to the ‘Withdrawal’ section. 

Special Assistance 

If a personal educational assistant is deemed necessary by the school, the costs for the assistant will be paid by the parents.

Parent Badges

For security reasons, it is necessary for parents to identify themselves on school premises by wearing a badge visibly, as well as swiping their card upon exit and entry. Badges remain property of the school. These have to be returned upon permanent withdrawal. Replacement badges will cost € 10.

P.E. Shirts

Each student must wear a school P.E. shirt during P.E. lessons. For the Primary School you will be able to purchase a red shirt  for € 10.  For the Secondary school you will be able to purchase a house P.E. shirt for € 11. You will have to find out the house of your child before purchasing one. 

Purchase a P.E. shirt

For Primary School:

Extra Curricular Activities (ASA)

Extra curricular activities are not included in the school fees, and fees dependent on the activities chosen.

For Secondary School:

Student Locker Card

All students are provided with a secure locker for storing books, private property, etc. Each student receives the locker card at the beginning of the school year. Locker cards remain property of the school. These have to be returned upon permanent withdrawal. Replacement locker cards will cost € 10.

Trips and Activities

A compulsory trip or activity is defined as being one that is essential and integral to the academic curriculum of each student. The costs for these trips and activities are part of the annual school fee. 

However, unforeseen trips and activities can occur throughout the academic year for which additional costs will apply. Extra-curricular activities such as music and sports are also arranged during the year, for which parents are notified separately of the related costs.

IT devices

Parents/guardians are required to provide their children from Y7 to Y9 with an iPad. The minimum specifications for Years 7, 8 & 9 are: iPad Air, 32 Gb, Wi-Fi only.It is also mandatory for parents/guardians to provide children in Y10 to Y13 with a laptop. The ISH ICT infrastructure and support is Apple orientated and as a result our preference is for your child to use an Apple device (Minimum specification: Less than 3 years old and an updated system of OSX 10.14.* or greater). However, should you wish to equip your child with a Windows device then this is acceptable (Minimum specification: Less than 3 years old with a minimum of Windows 10 and with wireless support for 5GHz networks ‘n-protocol’).

School Fee Agreement 2021-2022

To help you review the financial information and conditions more easily before paying the school fees, we've separated this detail out from the Standard Terms and Conditions (STC's). Please see below the new School Fee Agreement documents for Pre-Early Years, Primary and Secondary. Please click on the relevant button below for your child(ren).

The new, reduced version of the STC's with all non-financial detail will be updated in the new school year and be added to this area of your portal.

If you have any questions, please contact finance@ishthehague.nl


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