The Pathfinder Programme

The Pathfinder Programme facilitates personal excellence by allowing students to follow the MYP from the perspective of their own interests.

Students must meet the same requirements and standards as other MYP students at ISH and around the world, but work with Learning Guides (teachers) from each subject area to design and carry out investigations that build on their interests. Learning Guides also play the role of introducing different ideas. In doing so, students construct personalised, challenging and relevant curricula.

Why take this approach?

  • Individualised knowledge and motivation: By allowing students to make authentic choices about their learning, we aim to harness the power of intrinsic motivation and help students create a unique and powerful body of knowledge that stays with them. 
  • Skills for learning and life: By helping students to plan and carry out their own initiatives, we give them the opportunity to practice on a daily basis the skills they will need for learning, life and work in the future.
  • Confident about their place in the world: Young people are engaged in a struggle to shape their identity: who they are and how they will contribute to the world. Pathfinder allows students to explore these questions by giving them more choice about their learning, helping to shape a positive and confident identity.

Pathfinder programme 2019-2020 :


How does Pathfinder work?

There are distinct programmes for Y8&9 and Y10&11. However, common to both is the method for co-constructing MYP units of learning.

Step 1: Inspiration. Students and Learning Guides undertake a variety of experiences– often based around a theme – inside and outside of school in order to encounter new ideas.

Step 2: Subject area exploration. Learning Guides help students uncover subject area angles and identify opportunities to learn more about the ideas that interest them.

Step 3: Student pitches. Students work together to “pitch” their favourite ideas. Learning Guides choose the pitches with the most learning potential to create a menu of options from which students can choose.

Step 4: The investigation. Learning Guides support students in carrying out their chosen investigations, providing resources, teaching, assessment and feedback.

Throughout the year, students might also be set interdisciplinary challenges by Learning Guides and have time and support to pursue their own personal goals, be they academic, skill-based, community service or ISH Community Profile goals.

Click the links below to find out more about the specific programmes in Y8&9 and Y10&11.

 Years 8&9 Pathfinder 2020

 Years 10&11 Pathfinder 2020





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