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j.davis - Posted Friday, Sep 20, 2019 3:14:00 PM

Last week on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of September our Year 12's took part in the annual Induction Trip. This year we travelled all the way to Pagedal Center in Drenthe for the 2-day bonanza. The students organised a themed potluck lunch in mentor groups which was a huge success with lots of healthy homemade snacks. Congratulations to 12I who won the challenge with their incredible Asian themed picnic, showing a great connection with each already through their meticulous planning. In order to prepare them for the next 2 years, the core aspects of the DP and CP course were introduced to the students along with some amazing activities arranged by our fantastic core team. The students worked really well on these activities with their mentor showing their curious side.      

The students took part in a huge array of adventure activities which were focused on teamwork, thinking skills, communication skills and some risk-taking activities. The bubble football game, the crate climbing and the base jump were a few of the named favourites among the students. Well done to all the mentors who completed the base jump too! 

Late morning saw the students and mentors completing more of the ever-popular adventure activities. After lunch, we all piled back onto the coaches for our sleepy trip back to The Hague. The trip was a huge success with the students really getting to bond with each other and their mentors, learning about key aspects of the DP/CP core and having lots of fun in the process. A big thank you to all the mentors and supervisors, without which we wouldn't have been able to run such an outstanding trip. A wonderful start to Year 12! 

Student quote:

"I enjoyed the teamwork aspect of the many activities so much because we were placed in groups of people that we might have not known well or talked to very much before. The challenges however required us to work together and through this, we instantly bonded. I think the connections that we made during this trip will be important, as, the years ahead will be difficult and stressful at times and in these time periods support from people around you is crucial to get you back on your feet and in a positivity mindset again to be able to succeed the extremely challenging dp program."

Curious connected compassionate 




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n/a - Posted Thursday, Jul 11, 2019 3:11:34 PM

Silverback Engineering's 2018-19 session and participation in the Shell Eco-Marathon Europe across July 1-5, 2019, was an utmost privilege and learning experience for all involved. While the competition's end-goal of setting a time (completing 11 laps of a pre-determined track on 250ml of fuel within 39 minutes) was not achieved, we passed the competition's technical and safety inspections - a commendable achievement given the significant changes to the team, workspace and car that had taken place this year. 

While the car had reached London on the preceding Sunday with Mr Griffiths and Mr Dors, the team arrived in London early Monday morning (July 1st) and the engineering-wing immediately began work on the car and paddock to prepare it for the week to come. The public-relations wing promptly began documenting our progress, and the new, spacious venue (twenty minutes south of Heathrow - at the Brooklands Mercedes World), updating its social media outlets and website throughout.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw great challenges for both wings as the car had to overcome a number of challenges including circuitry flaws and imperfect hydraulic brakes in order to pass technical inspection. However, the subsequent teamwork that ensued saw us pass technical and safety inspections and immediately move onto making attempts for valid runs on the official track. 

In total, the on-track team entered the pre-track 'fuelling hut' five times - and crossed the start-line twice - across the competition days of Wednesday to Friday. During each of these attempts, the off-track team spread out effectively across the sectors of the track and established an effective two-way filtered communication system through myself, next year's team leader and the driver. This ensured the car was always being monitored, and a line to the driver always present, in order to mitigate surprise risks posed by driving conditions on track and potential failures of the car itself.

However, there were no such incidents - the first attempt was brought to an end by a failure in fuel management, wherein the car finished ~6.5 of the 11 laps on 250ml of fuel. The second attempt, conducted on the Friday morning, looked promising, however on completion of the 7th lap a yellow flag (a sign to slow and maintain position in the sector) caused a sudden response by the engine and subsequently the chain (connecting the driveshaft to the rear-driven wheel of the car) to sever - ending the attempt.  

Further issues with the starter-shaft of the engine and front tire pressure meant a final attempt could not be conducted in the last competition slot of the Friday. While the result of not setting a time was disappointing to the whole team, who fought valiantly to the last minute to return the car to the track, the general consensus, as with all years past, was that the event was a truly incredible experience. Meeting other teams, mostly from universities, and discussing the engineering behind their cars was among the highlights of the team in post-event reflection, as was the experience of working on our car through the year and being part of its ever-advancing evolution. 

While yet to have a final team debrief meeting and official handover to next year's team leaders, next year's team is looking to see the car finally evolve from being gasoline-powered to battery-powered and compete in the battery-electric division of the Shell Eco-Marathon. While this still must be discussed and planned thoroughly, certain objectives and takeaways from this year's experience in both the engineering and PR wings are being discussed with next year's leaders to see a valid run be conducted in 2020, and the experience for all involved with Silverback Engineering continue to improve in the years to come.


Team Leader and Head of Engineering 2018-19,

Kunal Gupta

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n/a - Posted Thursday, Jul 11, 2019 3:09:03 PM

Last week we said goodbye to our guests from Project Rousseau (for more info:

Seven students and their supervisors from Project Rousseau - New York stayed with us for five days. Both guest and host students had a wonderful time getting to know each other, ISH and The Hague.

Amongst others they visited the Peace Palace and the ICC, played laser game and went to the beach.

Special thanks to the host families: family Bosnyak, Farla and Griffiths who opened up their homes and made sure our guests had a great time! 

Wieneke Maris,

Global Issues Network Coordinator

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n/a - Posted Thursday, Jul 11, 2019 3:08:15 PM

Congratulations to the two groups of Yr 12 students that completed their Gold Final Journey in the highlands of Scotland. Both groups worked well together to face the challenges that the 4 days hiking and 3 nights of wild camping brought them. The groups have spent the last year planning and preparing for this part of their award and did us proud with their achievements. Thank you to the staff that helped support the groups throughout this journey. Below are some accounts of the student's experiences.

Alison Kilpatrick
International Award Co-ordinator

Group: Space Ghettos (Arina Naaz Khan, Maya Peeters, Esther Marcussen and Sophiane Munoz)
The International Award Gold expedition was definitely one of the toughest challenges we have ever had to face. However, it was also one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences. Throughout the four days, we hiked along parts of the West Highland Way, as well as a few extra ascents up pretty challenging terrain in the Scottish Highlands and completed a total of 106km.

We had prepared for the journey months in advance, however, when you're there, everything changes and it still ends up being very challenging. Hiking on such tall and steep mountains is always different and difficult for us as we are all used to such flatlands. However, we still managed to successfully complete the journey. Waking up each morning to the amplified sounds of chirping birds and streaming rivers surrounding our tent was incredible. And the views and landscapes that the Scottish Highlands had to offer were breath-taking. 

There were definitely many challenges that we faced along the way, one being the Mamores. These set of mountains are off the path of the West Highland Way and are known to be challenging. We had started hiking a little later than we planned that day, which meant that when we reached the top of the mountain the weather suddenly closed in on us. We couldn't see anything due to the clouds, and the situation only worsened due to the strong wind and rain. We tried to take some alternative routes which ended up being dead-ends. A group decision was then made to go back down the way we came as it started to become quite dangerous. Another challenge was trying not to get bitten by the midges!

Our journey was only so enjoyable due to the charismatic and motivated atmosphere in our group. We always made sure to look after each other, definitely during the more difficult times. Each one of us was skilled at something different and together we were able to build a strong team. 

It has been a great experience to step out of our comfort zone, hiking in an unknown area on our own without any internet for four days. Only a map and compass was needed for navigation. The Gold expedition was definitely a worthwhile and memorable experience which we won't ever forget. 

Group: D-ROD (Dion Lavaleije, Renee de Maat, Oscar Bonnefon and Devyash Goel)
Our Gold International Award journey was overall definitely a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. The group dynamic was mostly positive and we really helped each other get through the full journey. This was incredibly important because it was a huge challenge both physically and mentally. The toughest day for our group was definitely day 3, where we underestimated the time it would take us to walk a trail that seemed endless. We realised in the evening that we were not as far as we had thought, and this meant an additional 2 hours of hiking when we were already exhausted. We tried to stay positive and this helped us in times when we were frustrated or tired.

On day 4, we hiked up Ben Nevis to the North face of the mountain but not all the way to the summit. It was however still a long and arduous hike up in terrible weather, but looking back now, we are proud to have managed to finish the route we had planned beforehand. One of the biggest obstacles apart from the weather were the midges. They seemed to be everywhere as soon as there was no wind, usually surrounding us at our campsites. They make it hard to set up camp, cook, and eat, and even our midge nets proved ineffective since they were small enough to come through the net. 

Looking back, we were all somewhat relieved when we finally finished the journey, but now it feels truly rewarding and fulfilling to have completed something this challenging. 


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j.davis - Posted Tuesday, Jul 9, 2019 11:32:05 AM

On Wednesday, June 5th 2019, ISH Music Department hosted the ISH Choir Extravaganza. This was a joint concert with all the choirs from Primary and Secondary and ISH staff choir, along with ISH staff band a.k.a TINT (Teachers In Need of Talent). They all showcased their musical talents in some spectacular performances. The event was supported by Musicians Without Borders, with the appearance of Ms Kort from the organization that evening.


We received a lot of donations from the audience in the event and the 140 Euros collected were donated to Musicians Without Borders and the ISH Music Department. Thank you to everyone who donated, it was very much appreciated. Furthermore, a huge thank you to all the performers, the audience, ISH ICT Department, the Concierge and Communication Team as well as Musicians Without Borders who all helped make this a wonderful concert. 

Some appreciative feedback from performers at the event - 


"The choir extravaganza was a really great event. It really allowed students in different choirs to see what the other choirs were like and what kind of songs they sing. It also allowed us to work with others, such as GLEE club or the primary 4-6 choir. As well as this, it also allowed the Year 6 students to see what VivaVoce was like and informed them of a choir they could join next year. It gave Senior VivaVoce the opportunity to work on many songs for this concert that we hope others enjoyed. Overall it was a really fun evening." - Senior VivaVoce - ISH Y11 Robyn Brooke


"The choir extravaganza was a very enjoyable event which allowed us as different choirs to join in and be able to sing together. It helped us understand how well we could adapt with new people. During practices, we collaborated with the staff choir and helped each other with our difficulties. Overall, I think it was a very supportive environment with the others and we enjoyed!" - Junior VivaVoce - ISH Y9 Tanishka Majukar 


"Being on stage with Glee Club as well as singing with all the other choirs involved was a wonderful experience for me. The Choir Extravaganza was a great opportunity for everyone, both staff and students, to show off their skills and show our family and friends what we had been working on over the course of the year. On behalf of Glee Club, I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in organizing the ISH Choir extravaganza and making it such an enjoyable event for us and hopefully everyone else!" - Glee Club - ISH Y10 Pleun Uijttewaal


"The choir extravaganza was very interesting. Many hairspray songs were fun, and so was seeing what all the other ISH musical team had accomplished. Out of the selection of primary songs I most enjoyed singing defining moment with Junior and Senior Viva Voce." - Primary Choir - ISH Y6 Robbie Pope


"I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the experience. A little nervous being interviewed and then ‘on-stage’. However, it all went well and The Staff Choir did a great job. I love singing and it was super to see the love of singing from so many people, from children to adults, pupils to staff. Thanks to the organisers, it was a great event " - Staff Choir - Mr McCarthy


"This was the second time we performed at the extravaganza, but this time we were invited to play a few of our songs during the mingling after the main performances. After a short interview, we kicked off and had the crowd rocking...well not really, but we had a few of the younger students perform a few good moves at the end of our set. We really enjoyed this opportunity to show our ‘talent’ and received a lot of positive feedback from the audience. Thank you Ms Titan, Mr Goldwasser and Ms Ogusu for organising this very successful event and we are looking forward to contributing in the future" - Staff Band TINT - Mr Brouwers


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