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o.boutayeb - Posted Wednesday, May 27, 2020 9:07:33 PM

Keep it moving and remember to stay Healthy!! The Sports Department continue to encourage everyone to do something and complete a workout.


This week is the 300 challenge..... You can do this for time or rounds. You can even build up to 300 and use this as a target!


You can also see other workouts from the last two weeks by clicking the links: CORE Focus & Daily Workout.


Have a great week.



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o.boutayeb - Posted Friday, Apr 24, 2020 9:25:31 PM

The Sports Department want to wish the Class of 2020 all the best in their next adventure. Thank you for everything and enjoy the next part of your journey!


For those who represented the School in a Silverbacks Team.... know that most will go their entire life, and never understand this feeling! You had the opportunity to be apart of and participate in events that most will never experience and you represented the school to the highest level, internationally! You will always be a Silverback and the programme could not be in a position it is today without you! THANK YOU!


Now you are ISH Silverbacks Alumni.... stay in touch! 



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o.boutayeb - Posted Friday, Apr 24, 2020 8:33:00 PM

What a challenge!!! A huge congratulations to the 131 people that took part in this event over the last 5 weeks! Everyone has been putting in the distances and contributed to their house and team achieving an incredible total score. 5 teams took part in the running challenge, reaching a total of 7442.18km, an average of 1488.43km per week!!

The staff team did not let go, leading the way from week 2. They enjoyed the competition against the students. It was the staff team who came out overall winners with 6 staff members achieving well over 150km! 36 staff members from 14 different departments represented, with the Individuals & Societies dept leading the way with 6 runners and clocking an incredible 865.95km! The PHE dept was 2nd with 536.41km followed by Primary Teachers with 418.67km. 


The Dragons house were the first team to reach 1000km and they continued to hang on to the lead over the last two weeks. They had 5 runners who achieved over 100km with their lead runner clocking  227.7km!! Two other houses managed to achieve the 1000km distance with the Wolves just missing out. But, they came close! Well done to all involved. Check out the Results below:


Fastest House to 1000km

House Winners Position
Dragons 1st
Lions 2nd
Leopards 3rd
Wolves 4th


Total Distance:

House/Team Distance in KM Position
Wolves 871.9 5th
Lions 1158.58 3rd
Leopards 1032.02 4th
Dragons 1438.66 2nd
Staff 2941.64 1st


Numbers of Runners:

House/Team Number of Runners Position
Wolves 22 4th
Lions 24 3rd
Leopards 22 5th
Dragons 28 2nd
Staff 35 1st


Individual Distances - Winner for each house/team

House/Team Name Distance Position
Wolves Adam Wind 200.1 4th
Lions Georginho De Fretes 151.2 5th
Leopards Harry Kelly 205.2 3rd
Dragons Elvin Selimovic 227.7 2nd
Staff Helen Loughran 354 1st


House Positions:

1ST - Dragons
2ND - Lions
3RD - Leopards
4TH - Wolves


Look out for the next challenge!!! #ishkeepitmoving


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o.boutayeb - Posted Friday, Apr 24, 2020 8:01:47 PM

It has been a great battle. However, only three houses and the Staff team represented in this challenge! There were some pretty amazing tricks and many worthy individual winners. The results are as follows:


House with the Most Participants:

House Winners Position House Points Rewarded
Leopards 1st 20
Lions 2nd 15
Wolves 3rd 10
Dragons 4th Did not enter

The individual Results:

Top 10 - Students Position House Points Rewarded
Hayden McInnes 1st 5
Alex Wind 2nd 4
Matt Mc 3rd 3
Harry 4th 2
Vidvuds 5th 2
Paul D 6th 1
Thomas 7th 1
Lexi 8th 1
Zachary 9th 1
Jonah 10th 1
Juan 11th 1


Staff Results:

Team Name Dept Most Viewed: Position
Staff Mr Ras Sec PHE 647 1st
Staff Mr Nainggolan Sec PHE 478 2nd
Staff Mr Lewis Primary PE 465 3rd
Staff Ms Inma Primary - Yr 3 410 4th



Look out for the next challenge.



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o.boutayeb - Posted Wednesday, Apr 22, 2020 9:08:07 PM

Challenge yourself: 

- Spell your First, Middle and last Name!!

- Do more than one round

- Set a time

- Spell the name of someone in your family

Lots you can do....





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