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a.nthenge - Posted Friday, Jan 18, 2019 3:39:29 PM

On Monday 14th January, the Year 4 students visited the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden. This was part of their unit called Treasure. The children were in awe of the artefacts from Ancient Egypt and were particularly fascinated by the sarcophagi and mummies, amazingly preserved for 3000 years.


The children asked many questions to ask and were also intrigued by the Greek vases, Roman statues and the many Dutch artefacts found in The Netherlands. This was a great trip to match our IPC unit, discovering treasures from history and thinking about what they told us. 


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a.nthenge - Posted Friday, Jan 18, 2019 2:47:03 PM

The 2019 BTEC Business Stock Exchange trip got off to a surging start, with a relaxed coach ride to Amsterdam. The onboard safety instructions were given by our very own attendant Mr Inziria, who ensured that all students were strapped in for a fun and educational day at the oldest stock exchange in the world. 



On arrival at the stunning AEX building in the heart of the city, the large group of both yr12 and yr13's met our guides for an interactive tour of the stock exchange. Our very 'Curious' budding ISH stockbrokers immediately began asking questions about how the 'Money Magic' happens. The chance to buy and sell shares through the 'Trading Floor Simulation' gave the students a chance to see if they had what it takes to be 'Connected' to the corporate business world of the financial markets. 




The historical tour, took our members through the birth of the first limited liability company' (VOC: Dutch East India Company) and it was a delight to see how 'Compassionate' our students were when the guides talked about the military might of empire. Having thanked our guides, it was time to end the trip with a spot of lunch in the beautiful Beursplein square, before making our way to the coach for our journey back to school. The day rallied to a successful close with a return to the classroom, to reflect on the day and what we had learned. 



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a.nthenge - Posted Friday, Jan 18, 2019 2:36:25 PM

The Secondary Music Department presented its 6th Annual Classical Winter Concert recently. The concert started with the Viva Voce groups who presented a range of songs directed by Ms Ogusu and assisted by Tinkara. The songs were different in terms of style and language. The accompaniments ranged from piano to percussion and we even had a small ROCK band.



The second part of the concert featured the ISH Orchestra, directed by Mr Jones and Dr Balasu, and selected soloists. The orchestral pieces included pieces by Beethoven and Rossini as well as new pieces. The soloists included Esther and Bhavika singing two contrasting pieces by Adele and Verdi, Julie playing a flute concertino and Justin playing a dazzling Chopin piano piece. 



Robyn and Elena performed a flute duet by Stamitz. A centrepiece of the concert was the group of solos by Ella on the harp, Rose playing the Guzheng and Peach playing the Khim. The finale was the seasonal melody Silver Bells, where the ISH Orchestra accompanied a group of dancers choreographed by Ms McNie.



It was a tremendous concert that was made possible by the efforts of the ISH Orchestra, the dancers, the soloists, Mrs Hennop, Ms Ogusu and Mr Jones. 



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a.nthenge - Posted Friday, Jan 18, 2019 1:13:44 PM

During our previous Writing Workshop unit in Year 5, we completed our Personal opinion writing and moved into the persuasive writing section. The idea was for students to choose a topic to show their opinion about an issue they feel strongly about, be it local or global. This would then promote discussions, provide tie-ups with our SquISH personal goals and our Golden Rules.  It demonstrated how our work was related to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals; all with the ultimate target of promoting our students to act by themselves because that action is needed.


Our Year 5 students preserving our Earth – one bottle at a time


There were many excellent pieces of work throughout all the classes – it was a pleasure to hear the students read their own work to each other with fervent passion during the end-of-unit celebration! Just as pleasing, was the response from a group of students in 5M who decided to do something about the rubbish around our school including canteens, all around the temporary teaching blocks on the Astroturf and even out to the Green Space.


Our Year 5 students working hard to keep our school clean


There were 3 or 4 teams of friends who regularly went out during their lunch breaks, armed with rubbish bags and picker-uppers. They would fill a bag per team most lunch breaks! After sharing this with my colleague, Ms. Hubbers, she told me that a small group of her Year 3 students decided to take matters in their own hands and do something about the rubbish around our school.


Our Year 3 students armed with rubbish bags and picker-uppers, ready to remove rubbish


The Year 3 students felt that it was the right thing to do to keep our school clean, as part of their bigger global drive to remove as much plastic from our lands and our oceans as soon as we can. Therefore, we decided to see if the 2 groups (who had already worked together twice already on technology projects and in our Christmas reading buddy session) would like to work together – and they did! Here are some examples of the work that they did cleaning up around ISH.



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a.nthenge - Posted Friday, Jan 11, 2019 3:31:00 PM

The last day of school before the Winter break seemed like the perfect opportunity to connect two different year groups with a similar aim – creating happy cards with messages of friendship for refugee children in the Netherlands.

Under the guidance of some enthusiastic Y12 students, the Y8 students created some sparkly, bright, happy cards for children living in difficult circumstances. 


Our students were eagerly waiting for a nice break from school, but they could appreciate how fortunate they were at this time of year. Collectively, they decided to pay it forward and showed their compassion and understanding for others by spending time working together to extend warm greetings of friendship that they hoped would bring a smile to these children. 

The cards were sent to refugee children as part of a campaign with Vluchtelingen Werk Nederland.

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