We Should Stop Pollution
Posted 11/01/2019 15:25

Did you know that a single car generates half a ton of carbon dioxide? You might be thinking "who cares?", but having more cars on the road will just make things worse, I mean do you really want your neighborhood to look like this:

Or do you want it to look like this:

Some of you might not know about the effects of pollution on our environment, so here are some reasons why I think we should stop pollution.

We should stop pollution because it is causing climate change. If this keeps going on, the Arctic will melt and it will cause a huge flood. I believe pollution and climate change are global issues that need to be addressed by world leaders. Did you know that climate change can cause a wildfire? 

Luckily, we have different solutions that can reduce the impact of climate change on our environment. For example, we can use solar energy in cars and planes to reduce our carbon footprint seeing as we already have cheap solar panels. Another reason why we should stop pollution is that it is making our trees sick. 

Trees give us oxygen (O2) and oxygen is what we breathe in and the rise of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere is killing our trees. Did you know that throwing one bottle on the ground can cause a wildfire? Why can't we just recycle these bottles?

This is what will happen to all the trees if this keeps going on.

The last reason why we should stop pollution is that animals will die. Did you know that a million birds and a hundred thousand water mammals die each year because of litter (or "garbage") being dumped and ending up in our oceans? What is your favourite animal? A dolphin? A whale? It may be extinct if this carries on ... but there is a solution. 

The solution is to burn your litter through recycling companies that do it responsibly in a way that can help re-produce energy from this burning.

In conclusion, we should stop activities that cause pollution because it is making our trees sick and it is killing animals too 

Is this what you want for your grandchildren.. or

Is this what you want to leave for them?


 Let's STOP pollution, together!

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