Why Everyone Should Recycle
Posted 25/01/2019 11:01

If you want to know or why we should save trees and animals from dying and becoming extinct, please read on …


Everyone should recycle because if you go to the beach and you leave a big pile of trash/plastic this will happen: 


And if you see animals eating the plastic, do not just go home and carry on with your life - what about the animal’s life? They are just like you, so you have to go back and pick that trash up because it is your mess! I am not going to do it for you and no-one else is going to pick it up either. So that is why we should recycle!! But wait! If you are a kid and you think you can’t recycle -you are wrong! 


You can just clean up your local space or if you think that is too hard do this: if you see anyone that is throwing trash, go up to them and tell them to pick it up - if they ask why just give them a copy of this book that gives three reasons why they should not throw trash. Everyone should recycle because well it is actually your choice but if you pick “no, I don’t want to recycle” it's still your choice - but the world is against you! It's no one else’s fault but your own - but you can change that by RECYCLING and this is how the world is going to look if you RECYCLE:


Now I bet this is what you want! 


Finally, everyone should recycle because it helps animals, trees and plants. That's why we should RECYCLE because it helps others and if it helps others then it is good!! In conclusion, now you know why everyone should recycle and you now why how and where we should recycle. 


Written by Rzan Al-Khafaji

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