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WieWieneke Maris with awardneke Maris awarded as the most sustainable secondary teacher of the year!

"Youth Empowerment is a concept that thanks to Wieneke, is gaining strength every day."

Last Friday we all were very pleasantly surprised by the news that Wieneke won the award 'Duurzame Docent', an initiative of 'Leren voor morgen' (Learn for tomorrow). Every year, this organisation nominates, selects and awards teachers who are inspiring examples for other teachers who want to make work out of sustainability. This year, there were 77 nominees.


Some very inspiring excerpts from the motivation:
"Wieneke brings the global issue of sustainable development to the classroom with dedication. She makes students think about solutions and then helps their ideas into the world. The goal: youth empowerment. She is also coordinator of the Global Issues Network, coordinator of the Eco-team and coordinator of the Energy Challenge at her school."


Modest as she is, Wieneke is stating that this award and all the work that is done, is made possible by ISH, its management and colleagues and of course the all the students involved! But let's quote from the motivation again:

Global Issues Network
Wieneke expresses this vision enthusiastically as coordinator of the Global Issues Network (GIN): organising this extra-curricular school activity, having students to set up their own projects contributing to solving global problems on a local scale. Nationwide, about 200 students take part in this in the Netherlands on a weekly basis, this school year more than 100 ISH students joined. Examples of projects in the past that students set up are: a sports day to welcome refugees in The Hague; realising a green wall in school to improve the air quality for every student; plastic recycling; collect signatures against testing cleaning products and cosmetics on animals; designing a circular paper flow (from paper to toilet paper); create awareness through workshops and support for organizations such as Amnesty International. This year more projects are worked on this very moment.

Every year Wieneke organizes a GIN-day with colleagues and students at the International School The Hague (ISH): students supervise workshops for peers, sharing knowledge and experience of their own projects. In addition, local sustainable organizations come to this day to give workshops about their organizations.

Energy Challenge
Wieneke is the initiator and coordinator of the Energy Challenge at ISH. All (about 150) ninth year students spend two months researching the energy consumption of the school during her own geography course and that of colleagues. They make proposals about how this can be reduced and made more focused. The students present their plans to the school board. This selects the best plans and they are implemented.


Wieneke is coordinator of the ECO team that worked on the accreditation for the third Green Flag, which will be ceremonially handed over on December 22. The student-led ECO-team is monitoring and working on the recommendation by ECO-schools on a weekly basis.

Climate strike
With 55 students and 9 teachers, Wieneke came to the climate strike in The Hague in September this year. This was co-organized by Teachers for Climate and of course, Wieneke is part of this! She supports the organization developing her vision towards a better future.

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