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a.nthenge - Posted Friday, Jan 11, 2019 3:31:00 PM

The last day of school before the Winter break seemed like the perfect opportunity to connect two different year groups with a similar aim – creating happy cards with messages of friendship for refugee children in the Netherlands.

Under the guidance of some enthusiastic Y12 students, the Y8 students created some sparkly, bright, happy cards for children living in difficult circumstances. 


Our students were eagerly waiting for a nice break from school, but they could appreciate how fortunate they were at this time of year. Collectively, they decided to pay it forward and showed their compassion and understanding for others by spending time working together to extend warm greetings of friendship that they hoped would bring a smile to these children. 

The cards were sent to refugee children as part of a campaign with Vluchtelingen Werk Nederland.

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a.nthenge - Posted Friday, Jan 11, 2019 3:25:11 PM

Did you know that a single car generates half a ton of carbon dioxide? You might be thinking "who cares?", but having more cars on the road will just make things worse, I mean do you really want your neighborhood to look like this:

Or do you want it to look like this:

Some of you might not know about the effects of pollution on our environment, so here are some reasons why I think we should stop pollution.

We should stop pollution because it is causing climate change. If this keeps going on, the Arctic will melt and it will cause a huge flood. I believe pollution and climate change are global issues that need to be addressed by world leaders. Did you know that climate change can cause a wildfire? 

Luckily, we have different solutions that can reduce the impact of climate change on our environment. For example, we can use solar energy in cars and planes to reduce our carbon footprint seeing as we already have cheap solar panels. Another reason why we should stop pollution is that it is making our trees sick. 

Trees give us oxygen (O2) and oxygen is what we breathe in and the rise of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere is killing our trees. Did you know that throwing one bottle on the ground can cause a wildfire? Why can't we just recycle these bottles?

This is what will happen to all the trees if this keeps going on.

The last reason why we should stop pollution is that animals will die. Did you know that a million birds and a hundred thousand water mammals die each year because of litter (or "garbage") being dumped and ending up in our oceans? What is your favourite animal? A dolphin? A whale? It may be extinct if this carries on ... but there is a solution. 

The solution is to burn your litter through recycling companies that do it responsibly in a way that can help re-produce energy from this burning.

In conclusion, we should stop activities that cause pollution because it is making our trees sick and it is killing animals too 

Is this what you want for your grandchildren.. or

Is this what you want to leave for them?


 Let's STOP pollution, together!

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j.davis - Posted Monday, Dec 17, 2018 5:01:00 PM

Each year,  the Primary and Secondary schools take turns having holiday cards made to send to staff and people around the city. This year it was Primary's turn to make a card and students from Years 4,5, and 6 participated. All together there were over 100 submissions and the leadership team had a difficult time choosing which ones to feature on the card. The team had a very difficult time choosing - they loved them all! - and in the end, the two winners: Keva Roy 5S and Hasti Mir Khalaf of 6L were chosen!

Today the Primary Principal, Juliette van Eerdewijk, presented the two winners with 10 of their own cards and a lovely Dutch treat in front of their classes.


Thank you Keva and Hasti for your delightful artworks! We are proud to send out our holiday cards to the ISH community. 

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a.nthenge - Posted Friday, Dec 14, 2018 4:15:23 PM

The students from Year 8E decided to bring the Holiday Cheer to the mature member of the community by making holiday cards for them. The initiative was organized by Ms van Dormolen, and the cards were given to various people at local residential homes. The students really enjoyed making the cards for different individuals and some people volunteered to make more than one card to make sure that no one was left disappointed. 


“I thought it was kind to help other people who may be lonely at Christmas”


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a.nthenge - Posted Friday, Dec 14, 2018 3:10:50 PM

As you know, the Winter Bazaar took place on the 6th of December and it was a HUGE success, to say the least. The students sold gorgeous homemade products such as fresh honey, jewellery and many other products. In the end, we were able to raise more than 1.000 euros, and parents were able to come and do some seasonal shopping while waiting for the PTS conferences in a festive and unusual fashion.


Here is a breakdown of how much money each charity received: 

Stahili - approx. 600 Euros (incl. the sales at the Stahili table)

ISH Bees - 269 Euros (from sales at the ISH honey table) 

Plan International - 110 Euros

Terre des Hommes - 57 Euros

ISH Prom - exact amount unknown



We would like to THANK all the fantastic vendors for your passion and commitment, and all the students who helped on the day, the concierges, and everyone who came to support us. We hope to have one next year.



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