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j.davis - Posted Thursday, Jan 25, 2018 2:47:00 PM

To attend this event, please register using the link below

I would like to go to the Year 7 Open Day at ISH

Come and experience

what ISH has to offer

For: students and their parents from HSV and ISH Primary and

other prospective Year 7 students to experience a taste

of the International School of The Hague


10:30: Arrival, coffee

11:00-12:00 Information sessions on Academics at ISH, Life in

Year 7 and Admissions Process for parents in MDA

11:00-12:30 Taster lessons for students: Sciences, Humanities, Languages, Arts, PHE, Maths, Design

12:10-12:40 Performance by ISH Choir

Ongoing till: 12:45

Guided tours for parents from 10.30-11.00

Extra-Extra-curricular info stands on the Plaza: GIN, Student Council, Clubs,

Silverbacks, Connectors, Digital Leaders, Parents Association

Films of a life of a Year 7 in Conference room

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o.boutayeb - Posted Monday, Jan 22, 2018 4:37:16 PM

The Varsity Boys and Girls and the U14 Boys and Girls travel to Brussels next week to play BSB at Basketball. All teams are working hard and have a had positive season so far. Can BSB put a stop to the Silverbacks winning run?

Meanwhile - The Boys Rugby Varsity team travel to ISB for their first game of the season. The team have been training hard since November and are looking forward to their first test.

Don't forget to check the updates on Twitter and Instagram.

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o.boutayeb - Posted Monday, Jan 22, 2018 12:03:00 PM

Great weekend for the JV Boys and Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball Teams who competed against Bonn International School and St Johns International School over the weekend. ISH won 5 out 6 games played. Great job to all involved. GO ISH....GO SILVERBACKS!!!

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j.davis - Posted Thursday, Jan 18, 2018 5:27:06 PM

The most popular excursion of the year by far is the senior trip to CERN (Geneva) judging by the speed at which students signed up back in October. Thirty-one Physics students from both SL and HL classes attended this unique trip, initiated by Physics teacher Ms. Nuria Benitez, to learn about the latest particle discoveries and the engineering challenges these super-cooled machines pose.

After studying the 'Standard Model' in Particle Physics in December, the group took off to Geneva mid-January to visit the various components at CERN, such as the Linear Accelerators, the Control Rooms, the Exhibition Centres and the Auditorium where Peter Higgs himself witnessed the confirmation of a new particle back in 2012. In the evening, students took part in the Particle Pub Quiz, which covered many areas of Nuclear Physics across six rounds. The 'popculture' round turned out to be the easiest and most popular as it included references to popular documentaries and science series on Netflix and Youtube.

After this successful first trip for ISH to CERN and following the positive feedback from our students during and after the trip, the Physics department is planning on organising it for next year's Physics classes in Year 13. We hope the photos in the collage below give you an impression of the activities during these 24-hours in Geneva!

Photo Collage

1. Visiting the (underground?) Large Hadron Collider

2. Winning team answering pub quiz questions

3. The complete group in front of the 'Globe' Exhibition Centre

4. Just arrived at Geneva station – We're in Switzerland!

5. Posing besides the Standard Model formula (like they understand what's going on!)

6. Physicists trying (?) to lecture us about the engineering challenges at CERN.

7. Attending a lecture by Dr. Rachel Avramidou about 'mañets' and 'ee-lectron'

Story by R. Boeyink
Physics Teacher

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j.davis - Posted Monday, Jan 15, 2018 1:49:00 PM

Year 7,8 and 9 students returned from the Winter Holiday to a new routine in school. From now on, their lunch break - period 5 - will be device free. in all the main recreational areas of the school there will be no phones or ipads allowed. And this is clearly signposted. There will be pockets of spaces available for students who would like to do homework in those times where they can access a device. Staff on duty are monitoring the situation.

The first week seems to have gone well. Students, for the most part, seem to have accepted the change. Many are enjoying interacting with their peers. As you can see from the photos kids are playing and chatting. Hopefully we can strike that delicate balance between giving them devices as a tool to enhance their education, whilst also teaching them the value of face to face interaction, and to take a break from screen time.

Another space available to the students is the Library, where students can both do homework on their device as well as play deviceless games under supervision. Head Librarian, Izabella Tomljanovich, has asked for recommendations from students about which non electronic to buy.

The first reports from the whole community have been positive. Long may it continue! If you have any feedback for the school, please contact Ms Nijsten, the Deputy Head Lower School.

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