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j.davis - Posted Friday, Dec 15, 2017 4:57:06 PM

Tuesday 12th December, we visited SHELL Rijswijk. Throughout our time in the Challenger programme we have learned about oil and gas spotting (upstream and downstream) alongside the initiatives shell has been taking in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately save the environment.

We commenced the session by gaining an insight into what SHELL does as an organization. We were informed about their concerns regarding the environment as well as the importance of oil and gas.

We also learned about the reasoning behind their success. Oil is a needed resource that is not affected by time, this is why SHELL has been so successful. The provision of oil is costly and SHELL has the finances to do provide it.

We also took part in an auction attempting to guess the number of chocolates in a sealed jar. We could not see how many chocolates there were from the sides but only from the top which represented the difficulty of paying money for a piece of land when the buyer does not know how much oil/gas is in that piece of land.

Later, we learned how oil and gas is identified, and the process of retrieving it, refining it, and selling it to big customers.

Finally, we built our robots: a solar plane that functions on light rays and a mini car that functions on salty water.

SHELL speakers were extremely kind and open to our questions which was most appreciated by us all. Overall, we gained an insight on the downstream/upstream process and we had lots of fun constructing robots together.

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j.davis - Posted Thursday, Dec 14, 2017 4:42:00 PM

After many months of rehearsals, the Middle Year's production of "The Gift of the Magi" proved to be a wonderful experience for all who were involved in bringing this magical holiday tale to life on stage this December.

The Drama directing team was thrilled to collaborate with Miss Ogusu's music students who shared their voices with songs reflecting the spirit of season. Thank you to the Parents Association for providing tasty treats during rehearsals, as well as for the wonderful cake on our closing night, as the very talented cast and crew celebrated this successful theatrical event.

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j.davis - Posted Friday, Dec 8, 2017 5:27:49 PM

Year 2 Moves from Toys to Food

It has been an exciting time in Year 2. Just last week, they finished their IPC unit Toys with a visit from a puppet theatre. This week, saw them start their new unit 'Food' with an exciting Entry Point.

At the beginning of a new IPC unit we have an Entry Point, which provides the 'wow' factor and gets children excited and motivated to learn about their new unit. In Year 2, they held an international food fair. Not only did the children have to bring food from their home country to share with their classmates, but they also had to prepare some information about the food which they presented to the class.

Each class had a sumptuous feast in their room with a huge variety of food from all the different countries of our children. We had sushi from Japan, rice and daal from India, cheese pie from Serbia, shortbread from Scotland, spring rolls from China to name but a few. The children were not only incredibly proud of the food they had brought in, but were also very open-minded about trying foods from other countries. What a great way to help develop international mindedness!

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j.davis - Posted Friday, Dec 8, 2017 2:55:57 PM

Sinterklaas came to ISH on his birthday 5 December. He brought with him his trusty Piets and they in turn handed out chocolate letters and pepernoten to all the kids in Primary. It was a great day! We hope he returns again next year. Here is a video with the pictures

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j.davis - Posted Thursday, Dec 7, 2017 1:56:57 PM

The start of the basketball season this week was a huge success and the atmosphere in the Silverbacks Den was fantastic. The Varsity and JV Teams played rivals BSN at home and ISH won 3 out of the 4 games. With only one week of training together the Silverbacks dominated. Well done to all coaches and players. Also, a huge THANK YOU to all those who came out to support the teams and to our PA Silverbacks Team for keeping everyone going with the concession stand.

Results: vs BSN

  • Varsity Boys 48 -42
  • Varsity Girls 25-21
  • JV Boys 36-17
  • JV Girls 29-35

The Rugby Varsity Team have been continuing with their training out in the cold and wet weather. The first game for the team will be after the New Year. Keep up the good work guys!

This weekend sees the Varsity and JV Basketball Teams travel to Brussels to compete in a mini Christmas tournament against St Johns (STJ) and American School Paris (ASP). Good luck to all teams.

The ISH-Club teams have been performing well this first half of the season. Last week the ISH/HDS MC7 Hockey Team beat Pullox MC5 7-2. Both MC7 and MB5 Teams have performed very well this season and are looking forward to the second half of the season as the Hockey moves indoors for the winter. The HDS/Jumpers Basketball Team also won their game against Cobra last week. They are currently undefeated this season and look forward to playing up a division in the new year. Both ISH-Club teams are in action this weekend. ISH/HDS Teams plays on Saturday and the ISH/Jumpers Team play on Sunday.

Next week - the U12 and U14 Basketball teams open their season with a mini-tournament against ASH and ISD (Dusseldorf) at ISH. We hope to see you at the games supporting your Silverbacks.

Remember to follow all of the news and action on Instagram @ISH Silverbacks and Twitter @ISHSPORTS.

Have a great weekend. Wrap up warm as the winter is finally here!

Omar Boutayeb, Athletic Director

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