The International School of The Hague (ISH), both Primary & Secondary, is part of the Rijnlands Lyceum Foundation, an educational organisation for secondary and primary education in The Hague and Leiden area. The schools within the foundation offer national and international programmes. The six schools which are part of this organization are overseen by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Rijnlands, Dr Maarten Knoester. As a partially subsidised school, which besides receiving fees from parents, is also supported by the Ministry of Education, ISH operates in accordance with the rules and regulations for Primary & Secondary education in the Netherlands.

Both the Primary and Secondary schools at ISH have their own School Principal who report directly to the CEO. They are supported in the day to day running of the campus by a Business Manager. 

Each Principal has a leadership team for their school and the administration team for both sections is under the supervision of the Senior Leadership Team of the school.

ISH is very much one school and ensures that there is parity (where possible) with curriculum issues between the schools and that there are ample opportunities for school wide events in which all stakeholders are included.

Mission Statement

Mission and Vision of The International School of The Hague




Curious, connected and compassionate:

inspiring personal excellence in our strong and diverse community



To shape a better future for all:

inspiring students to become compassionate and proactive global citizens


Value Statements:



  • We are open-minded critical thinkers who learn through inquiry, reflection and engaging with different perspectives
  • We learn about ourselves and the world around us through service and experiential learning
  • We are independent and interdependent life-long learners


  • We take pride in the strength of our community and the diversity within it
  • We value our individual identities and celebrate cultural diversity
  • We connect with local and global communities through our learning


  • We develop self-respect and show compassion to others
  • We take responsibility for our actions and strive to have a positive impact
  • We show courage and act with integrity, fairness and respect



The Whole School Leadership consists of:

Juliƫtte Van Eerdewijk

Principal Primary School - Juliette Van Eerdewijk

Ms. van Eerdewijk was born in The Netherlands and worked in different international schools in Indonesia, Austria, Colombia, Togo, Thailand, Botswana, China, Oman and PNG. She has been leading Primary schools for many years and most recently was the Principal of The Ela Murray International School in PNG. She has worked with different local curricula, as well as the IB PYP, English curriculum and the IPC as well as IB MYP and IB diploma. She was trained in the Netherlands and has a Masters degree in Special Needs from the UK and has kept up to date through the ILMP (International Leadership and Management Program) training.



Principal Secondary School - Richard Matthews

Mr Matthews is British and comes to us from South America, where he has worked as a headmaster in Peru and Colombia. He took two schools through IB authorisation and has recently been involved in schoolwide curriculum review, the introduction of baseline testing and the CIS accreditation process. He has worked in international education since 1984 and started as a Science teacher.

Business Manager - Pjer Wijsman

Mr Wijsman is from The Netherlands and has worked in both primary and secondary schools as a teacher for twenty two years. Prior to joining us at ISH he served as Manager of Domain Education at his former school.


Secondary Senior Leadership consists of:

Deputy Head Lower School – Brigit Nijsten


After having studied Spanish Language and Literature at Leiden University, Brigit Nijsten found a job as Spanish teacher in 1983 in the English Stream of the Nederlands Lyceum in The Hague, which was starting in that same year with 40 students.

35 years later this English Stream is now the The International School of The Hague and has over 1300 students in Secondary. Over the years her role in the school has changed from Spanish teacher, to Year Leader and now Deputy Head Pastoral of the Lower School.



Deputy Head Middle School - Simon Brooks

Simon Brooks is from the UK and has taught Mathematics and Physical Education in international schools for over 20 years. He has been in the Secondary School Senior Leadership Team since August 2014 and is responsible for the pastoral welfare and academic progress of students in Years 10 & 11.


Deputy Head Upper School - Robert Verloop

Robert Verloop is Dutch-American and has been working at The International School of The Hague since 2004. He has held many different positions and has taught many different subjects within the school. He is a dedicated educator who is passionate about realizing student opportunities for growth and learning both inside and outside of the classroom. He is a lifelong learner and is strongly committed to the IB Missions Statement which aims “to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.”


Deputy Head Academic (MYP) – Marian Cunnane

Marian Cunnane is the Deputy Head Academic for the Middle Years/MYP coordinator and a teacher of Geography. Born and educated in Ireland, she has lived in the Netherlands since 1983. Since joining ISH in 1984 she has contributed in many leadership roles, both academic and pastoral, to the growth and development of the school. A strong advocator of the IB programmes, she has worked as an IB examiner and as part of MYP authorization and evaluation teams. Her career in education has been driven by her passion for teaching and learning, and a belief in the capacity of each individual student and the power of education to make a better world.


Deputy Head Academic (DP) – Camelia Constantinescu

Camelia Constantinescu is from Romania. She is a linguist and a teacher, and has taught English, French and Theory of Knowledge. In her role as Deputy Head Academic/ IBDP coordinator, she is responsible for overseeing the implementation and delivery of the Diploma Programme. She maintains communication between the school and the IB and is responsible for all aspects of course administration and examinations.



Deputy Head Academic (CP) – Dr Alma Trumic

Alma Trumic is from Croatia and has been working at The International School of The Hague since 2007. She is a Physics teacher and has taught Physics and Mathematics. In her role as Deputy Head Academic/IBCP coordinator, she is responsible for overseeing the implementation and delivery of the Career-related Programme.





Primary Senior Leadership consists of:

Vice Principal - Michelle Lawrence


Ms Lawrence is British and comes to as as Head of school in RA International School in Bonny Island in Nigeria. She started working there as the deputy head in 2011. Before that Michelle also worked in Oman, and in another school in Nigeria, as well as two schools in Thailand in Early years. She has been abroad since1997.

Michelle has been working with the IPC since 2007, is a TESMC trainer and has also worked as a learning support leader and has a lot of Looking for Learning experience. I am sure she will be able to make great contributions to our Primary school and help us in the process of the IPC accreditation.


Assistant Principal Reception to Year 2 - Ingrid McKenna

Ms McKenna originates from the Netherlands but was trained as a teacher in the UK, and taught there for several years before returning to the Netherlands and teaching at our sister school Haagsche Schoolvereeniging before joining us in 2005.


Assistant Principal Year 3 to Year 6 - Sue Tee



Ms Tee is from the UK, she has been working in International Schools in Hong Kong for the past 16 years as well as having taught in the UK.


Assistant Principal Curriculum (Reception to Year 6)- Sarah Goodhand



The staff at The International School of The Hague (ISH) in both Primary and Secondary are a committed group of professional teachers. Like our student population that comes from all over the world, so do our teachers. All teachers at ISH are university graduates and have teaching qualifications. Many of our teachers have international experience and are experienced curriculum practitioners in International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and International Baccalaureate (IB).


Old building

The former ISH building at the Theo Mann
Bouwmeesterlaan in The Hague

In 1983, Het Nederlands Lyceum, the oldest Lyceum group of schools in the country opened the international stream at their school in The Hague. In 1991, the school was closed and taken over by the Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar (RLW). The school was renamed The International School of The Hague and maintained its original building in The Hague whilst being affiliated to RLW as their international stream. The school was for 11–18 year olds.

Following the success of ISH Secondary, ISH Primary was founded at a different location in The Hague and similarly to the Secondary school grew in numbers very quickly and both schools became very popular. With this growth plans came afoot to build a purpose built campus for both schools. Kijkduin was chosen and the project, with support from the Municipality of The Hague, the Ministry of Education and Shell began and was completed and ready for use in January 2007.

ISH is part of the Rijnlands Lyceum which consists of six schools based in and around The Hague. RLW is the oldest of the schools and there are two other Dutch schools, Rijnlands Lyceum Sassenheim (RLS) and Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest (RLO), the latter having an international section offering International Baccalaureate (IB), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). In addition, there is also the Eerste Nederlandse Montessori School (ENMS) in The Hague, to which the Primary School is affiliated for legal functioning. And, in 2012 the European School of The Hague (ESH) opened; a project in conjunction with the EU and the Municipality of The Hague to cater for the European organisations based in The Hague (Europol, EuroJust and the European Patent Office (EPO). ISH Primary and Secondary can be classified as semi-private schools, in that being a Dutch School we receive government subsidies per child as well as parental contribution that is similar to that of the subsidy. ISH is part of a group of Dutch Schools that are called Dutch International Primary Schools (DIPS) and Dutch International Secondary Schools (DISS), which act as a collaborative body to work on key educational items from the Ministry of Education, professional development and inspection. ISH Primary and Secondary are collectively about 2000 students and will look to continue to expand the Kijkduin campus in the future.

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