Messages from the Principal: Juliette van Eerdewijk

Juliëtte Van Eerdewijk Here is where you will find the messages from the Principal of Primary, Juliette van Eerdewijk. She sends out messages to Primary families bi-monthly with important information about what's happening in ISH. See her messages from the school year below:

Message from the Primary Principal - Week 3

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our week has been filled with excitement in many different ways! A blustery Wednesday morning meant a fallen tree and a burst water pipe which affected the water supply into the school. It was certainly a new experience for us and I wish to thank all the parents for their quick response to the closing of the school.

Trip to Binnenhof
On September 12th, students from Year 6 went on a school trip to Madurodam and the Binnenhof. This was to celebrate ‘Prinsjesdag’ on the third Tuesday in September. The day started with a miniature version of the Binnenhof in Madurodam - and then a trip to the real life version in the centre of The Hague. The students learned about Dutch politics in a role-playing exercise. They became representatives of the fictional city of Democracity. In the exercises, students were tasked to democratically decide what they needed to build a city.

The students of year 6B, and many of 6W, were lucky to be able to fulfill a VIP role. They saw all the members of the parliament house. At the end of the debate in the second chambers, they offered a so-called '' third chambers briefcase ''. This "third chambers briefcase" is a symbolic gesture to show how important it is for children to learn about politics and democracy. It was for many a day they will never forget. Everyone felt like a real VIP amongst all those famous politicians.

Please be aware that the Primary school is closed on ‘Prinsjesdag’, next Tuesday, 19 September. Secondary students will have a half day.

Possible Strike
On the 5th of October, two Dutch trade unions have called a whole day strike. Primary teachers are currently deciding whether or not to participate in a whole day strike. This is after a one hour strike before the summer holiday which, in the opinion of the unions, did not achieve its aims.

Therefore I wish to forewarn you that there is a possibility that the Primary school may be closed on Thursday, 5th October. I am currently trying to find out if we need to close the school or if we have enough staff to keep the school open. We will keep you informed.

Health Form

Here is the link to the Health Form 2017-2018. If you are new in the school, please make sure the form is submitted once for each child. If your child is a returning student, there is nothing you need to do unless you have new information to share with the Health Officers. If the details are not updated we will assume that last school year's details are the same.

Message From The PTA: Elections
Following the PTA open meeting on the 12th September where we invited nominations for the PTA committee and board. Nominations have been received and the elections - to vote new members in - will be held on Monday, 18th September, at 2pm at The Hungry Mind. This meeting is open to all parents, as automatic members of the PTA.

Have a lovely weekend,

Juliette van Eerdewijk

Posted by Ms Heather Marie Bell on Monday October 30, 2017
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Primary Principal's Blog - June 30, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The last two weeks always seem to be fully packed with wonderful opportunities for our students to see and experience so many different activities that are taking place in our school. This goes from exit points to assemblies of our younger years, for example today we celebrated the Year 2 assembly. There they were standing high on the stage, giving their best performance ever.

The students have also watched the “Cats” performance, which was another highlight of this week. The Secondary students performed incredibly well and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their final practice. It is great to be in a school where we have so many opportunities to have positive experiences with our older students.

This week we also had the “move up” day, where all the children moved up a year group and met their new teachers or learnt about their new class. We hope you have been eager to read the teacher’s biographies and we look forward to welcoming our new staff members and new students into the school.

On Thursday there was a final MR meeting of the year. We discussed the progress of the building project, as well as safety on the playground and our proposal for some restructuring of our support staff teams and additional positions that we need to make our school work more effective and to keep up with the growth, not only within our students body, but also within our teaching staff and support team. You will be pleased to hear that we are working on hiring a security manager who will support us in implementing the suggested changes that were made when we had the security audit done.

Job advertisements will be on our website soon.

Next week will be our final week, which is also packed with celebrating the end of a year, through great reflections, trips and parties. We have our Ground breaking event on 4th July and we hope you have read our communications carefully. Remember there will not be any parking available to you inside the school grounds.

On Wednesday you should receive the end of year report.

We will have the Year 6 graduation on Thursday morning and our last whole school assembly on Friday 7th July. School will close on Friday.

To all the families leaving us this year, we wish you all the best of luck in the future and hope that you have gained some wonderful memories from being at ISH. For our returning families, we hope that this year has also brought you many fond memories and that there will be many more to come for you. Please remember that our Primary school starts again on Monday 28th August, which is different from normal as our staff will receive training from two trainers from the USA in relation to Writing workshop in the week of August 21-25.

We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and outstanding holiday.

Kind regards

Juliette van Eerdewijk

Message from the Malcolm Davies Music Center:

Dear parents

I would like to invite you to the Malcolm Davies music center's summer concert, which will take place this Saturday (June 17th) at 10:00 in the theater.

The concert will show solo performances, ensemble performances of all levels and genres, so it is guaranteed to be a delight for our ears.

I sure do hope to see you in our audience as our young musicians' present the fruit of their hard musical labour.


Idan Goldwasser

Posted by Ms Kathy Carlier on Friday June 30, 2017 at 16:54
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Primary Principal's Blog - June 23, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I can’t believe that we only have two weeks left, the year has flown by and there is still so much left to do for all of us. The Year 5 camp has been going very well and the students have had an amazing time. I am sure they will come home with many stories and great memories.

Year 1 Performance

Year 1 had their performance for the parents. As always, they were stealing the show with their lovely songs and dances. The enthusiasm and drive that they have was lighting up the Glasshouse and could be felt around the school.

Changes in staff

Every year we have some teachers leaving the school and I want to inform you that the following members of the teaching staff are moving on to new adventures:

  • Mrs. Helen Moriaty will be leaving to go back to the UK. Mrs.
  • Ageeth Bosman will be travelling and living in Australia but may be back in the future.
  • Miss Ffiona Phillips is returning to the UK as well as Mr. Daniel Green.
  • Miss Miriam Munneke will start working at the American school
  • Mrs. Suzanne ten Berge will move to Germany.

There will be two Teaching assistants leaving us:

  • Mr. Alistair Smith and Mrs. Sadie Mauries are both leaving for new challenges in their lives.

It is always sad to see staff leave, but we want to thank them for their dedication and hard work at our school and wish them all the best of luck in the future and wish them well with their new endeavours.

All these people have been replaced by new staff members or by internal changes. We are happy to welcome:

  • Miss Laura Mackinnon in our Year 3 class
  • Mr. Michael Haines and Mrs. Patricia Hubbers will both be joining the Year 5 team.
  • Miss Georgina Rushe and Miss Bhauna Bandolia will join the EAL department.
  • We will also welcome an extra Dutch teacher next year, Mr. Siebe Ten Have

There will be some movement of our current teachers:

  • Mrs Lynsey Briek will return to Year 1
  • Mrs. Jamie Lewis will move to Year 4
  • Mrs. Gina Starkey will move to Year 2
  • Mr. Joshua Martin will become a Year 1 teacher
  • Mrs. Parveen Chahal will become a full-time Year 6 teacher

Until Christmas Caroline Lapierre will be our literary coach and her position will be filled by Xenia Patsiora.

Our Assistant Principals also have swapped places, Ms. Ingrid McKenna will now be responsible for Reception and Year 1, Mrs. Sue Tee will be taking care of Years 2, 3 and 4 and Miss Philippa Walker will become part of the Year 5 and 6 team. We are finalizing the TA position.

Preparation of students to new year groups

Next week we will be preparing the children for their move up to their new year groups. Some levels will be split whilst others stay the same. This is also a time they will meet their new teachers and the new teachers will also have written a short biography about themselves to introduce themselves to the students.

Year 6 visiting Film Festival Amsterdam

This morning Year 6 students were all dressed up to go to the Film Festival in Amsterdam. They looked wonderful as if they were ready for the red carpet.


You will have received the information from our staff about Tuesdays’ short strike action and the Primary school will officially start classes on Tuesday 27th June at 9:30.

I wish to remind you that the last day of school for Primary is Friday 7th July and we close at 12:00.

Have a great weekend.

Juliette van Eerdewijk

Primary Principal

Posted by Ms Belinda Verhagen-De Beus on Friday June 23, 2017 at 13:32
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Primary Principal's Blog - June 16, 2017

Year 6 Trip

Tuesday morning we had a buzzing Glasshouse as our Year 6 students prepared for their trip. With great excitement and maybe some anxiety they all got ready and left on time. We have had regular feedback from the staff and it appears that all students are having an amazing time, although now that it is day four they are quite exhausted. I am sure they will sleep well tonight. Thank you to our staff who have taken the large group out on this trip.

Discrepancy between salary Primary Teachers and Secondary Teachers

As you are aware our school is subsidized by the Dutch government. Our teachers' salaries are aligned with the Dutch regulations and you may not have been aware that there always has been a discrepancy between Primary teachers' salaries and Secondary teachers' salaries, even if they have the same qualifications. Soon you will receive a letter from the PMR (Primary Participation Council) on behalf of the teaching staff, as Primary teachers in The Netherlands are organizing a strike. They will explain what the reasons are behind this strike and how this will affect our school.

Performance reception children

The Reception children performed for their parents on Friday morning. The joy of songs and dances, some children with huge smiling faces whilst they were moving to the rhythm of the song "Jambo", and some more serious faces not always certain why the rhythm of the Jambo song needs to make them move. However, they like to sing, and count in different languages and perform and thanks to the enthusiastic audience it was a great success. The school has never been rocked like this before!

Posted by Ms Belinda Verhagen-De Beus on Friday June 16, 2017 at 12:53
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Primary Principal's Blog - June 9, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This four-day week was filled with two special events and other business.

Sports day

One was the sports day for Years 2, 3, 4. Unfortunately it was a rainy, windy day therefore we had to be inside the gym hall for this event. The children had a lovely time competing with the help of many of the Year 5 students and teachers and teacher assistants. It was great to see parents attending who were supporting in any way that they could. I want to thank all of the people who have helped out during the day and especially the PE department for organising this event. It was another success.

Performance of Shakespeare

On Thursday, we had the practice and Year 6 evening performance of Shakespeare. It is amazing what our students have learnt in such a short time (one day per class) and how they were able to understand the stories of Shakespeare as well as performing these plays so well. This event is truly inspiring, as you see children coming out of their shell, performing and using Shakespearian language! Well done to our students and a big thank you to the company that supported this event and of course to our own staff members who work so hard with all the children every day.

Interviewing for the positions

This week has been an intense week for our leadership and some subject leaders as we are interviewing for the positions that need to be filled either because we are expanding in staffing or to replace our leaving staff members. This year we have four teaching staff positions, two EAL positions and a Dutch position. We hope to be able to finalise this by the end of this week.

New wing

We are also very happy to announce the start of the building of the new wing. The first major construction will start on the 17th of July, however, to celebrate this event we will organize a “breaking the grounds”event on Tuesday 4th July from 15:00-16:00. We hope that there will be lots of students joining us for twenty minutes, but further details of the event will be passed on to you when we have the exact details. We just wanted to let you know in advance and hope that you will be celebrating with us.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Posted by Ms Belinda Verhagen-De Beus on Friday June 9, 2017 at 10:20
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Primary Principal's Blog - June 2, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope you had a few relaxing days with the long weekend and hope that this weekend, which will have the Monday off, will also bring you time to enjoy yourselves and your family.

This week was a special week for Year 6 as they have been practicing plays from Shakespeare, with the help of the staff members of “Act on Info”. This drama experience is excellent for our students, through practising lines, expressing these lines in different ways, focusing on the interactions in a play and the teamwork that is required to make a play a success. These are all parts of providing our students with different learning experiences.

On Thursday of this week, the Primary Participation Council (Medezeggensschapsraad, MR) met again. The main focus of our meetings this year have been a focus on security and building matters, on top of the normal topics where they need to give advice or approval. Recently they have given approval to the formation for next year, as we are going to have some small changes and expansion in staffing to provide us with a little more flexibility to do our timetables. Currently we are looking for replacing any leaving staff members and hiring new staff for the additional formation.

Coming Wednesday we will have a sports day for Year 2, 3, 4. This is always a fun event. We hope that the children will enjoy a different day as well.

Finally, we have changed to way you can contact the school’s PA and have created a more general email account. If you wish to get in touch with my PA please use the following e-mail:

We hope to see you all on Tuesday next week.

Have an enjoyable and sunny long weekend.

Kind Regards,

Juliette van Eerdewijk

Posted by Ms Kathy Carlier on Friday June 2, 2017 at 14:31
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Primary Principal's Blog

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week was filled with great excitement and spectacular learning opportunities. Our Year Two students had some animals in the classrooms: an Australian lizard, a snake, a guinea pig and a tortoise. Giving the children an opportunity to observe these animals, look after them and see what it is that they are doing the whole day, was a beautiful experience.

Our Year Four students went on camp. This always makes the school buzz. Besides the great activities that they are doing they also need to deal with the separation from their parents. For some this is easy and for others it is not, but being together dealing with this makes it a lot easier and exciting. I am sure the children will remember this trip for the rest of their lives.

Whilst Year Four was away, their corridor was taken over by Year Five’s exit point “The Holiday Show”. We were so pleased to see so many parents come to school and being involved whilst the students were trying to sell their holiday adventure. The students had created business cards, leaflets, websites, posters and food in order to promote their country. It brought a great holiday feeling into the school.

Finally, our Year Six students went on a school trip.

I know that the other classes also had their interesting moments this week. Visits to the Greenspace always provide the students with activities involving several animals, e.g. releasing tadpoles in the water, looking at caterpillars, following butterflies and watching the geese and ducks around our school grounds.

I am sure we will have more amazing events taking place as we are nearing the end of the school year. School trips galore and sports days are all planned and will bring great pleasure to the students.

Have a great weekend,

Juliette van Eerdewijk

Posted by on Friday May 19, 2017
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Primary Principal's Blog

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope that you all had a relaxing holiday and that your children are set for the last weeks of our school year. Time seems to have flown by and I am sure before we know it, it will be the end of another successful school year.

This week was filled with some great learning. Year Two went to the beach as part of their IPC Exit Point of the Unit “Senses”. The children had an amazing time in this outdoor learning environment, exploring the sand and building sand castles while enjoying delicious ice cream.

Yesterday, a road safety day was organized through Shell, which was very much enjoyed by the students. Presentations took place in the MDA and a big Shell truck helped the students understand the dangers of the blind spot in trucks as a pedestrian, cyclist or other road user. A sensation was the driver breaking at speeds of 30km/h as well as 50km/h. Using cones, the students were asked to predict the distance that the car travelled before coming to a full stop. Seeing the difference of distance needed for cars to stop when driving 50km/h compared to 30km/h, and the cones being knocked over was certainly a shocking eye-opener to the students. We hope that the students shared their experience of that day with you. I want to thank everyone who was involved in organising this day. For all of us, road safety remains a priority while coming into school every day. Please slow down, be patient and vigilant at keeping all of our students and families safe by following the road rules.

The access to our school is currently slightly blocked due to the re-routing of the gas pipe that will enable us to start building in the near future. We have been informed that this work will be finalized at the end of next week and the road should be back to normal again.

The Primary Student Council organised “Crazy Hair Day”, as part of their commitment to support others. The money collected will be going to “Het Vergeten Kind” (the forgotten child), a great local Dutch charity looking after children in need.

When in school, please do not forget to check the Lost & Found for any of your child’s lost belongings.

It is going to be a busy term for us and we hope that with a little bit of sunshine, the children are going to enjoy every minute of it.

Have a great weekend!

Juliette van Eerdewijk



  • 25 & 26 May: no school because of Ascension
  • 5 June: no school because of Whit Monday
Posted by on Friday May 12, 2017
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Primary Principal's Blog

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I want to thank the ISH community for the great International Festival that we had last weekend. There were many different stalls and activities available for families to enjoy, from playing outside, watching dances and listening to music, to eating lovely foods in the sun. It was a great success and I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this event.

Our Primary school will be closed on Friday and Monday and will be open again on Tuesday, 18th April. The children will have a four-day week followed by a two-week holiday.

I wish to remind you that the Municipality will have an open evening on Thursday, 20th April. Unfortunately, Mr. Butcher and I will be attending the ECIS Leadership Conference during that time, but Mr. Wijsman should be able to share with you the upcoming changes to our school and the surrounding area.

Yesterday, you should have received the Parent Satisfaction Survey. May I kindly ask you to fill it in?

I wish you all a very good long weekend.

Kind regards,

Juliette van Eerdewijk

Posted by on Thursday April 13, 2017
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Primary Principal's Blog

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This week our Year 4 had an amazing Fashion Show which was well attended by our Year 4 parents. This particular group was very interested in design costumes related to animals! Great entertainment for everyone and a good example of a very successful exit point.

The past few months have been exciting for both teachers and students as we have started writing texts using a Writing Workshop approach. It is a way to teach children to write interesting, thoughtful and carefully crafted texts with a specific audience in mind. They write about topics that interest them, work through the writing process and develop independence as writers. A few year groups have already ‘published’ their favourite piece and they seem to be more excited and motivated to write. We are looking forward to reading more inspiring texts from our young writers. Early in the new school year, we will offer a workshop for parents so you may learn more about the approach.

Love to Read will start on Monday, 27 March. The purpose of this programme, which we are doing for the eight year, is simply to celebrate and encourage a love for reading. The money raised will be used to purchase new books for the library.

Enjoy the weekend,

Juliette van Eerdewijk

Posted by on Friday March 24, 2017
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